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The Tuesday Night Club Ride; And So It Begins

My youngest daughter brought the swamp funk home over the weekend. Mrs. Bgddy is currently buried under a pile of blankets and covers. She says being in the cold (68°, room temperature, or 20 C) makes her throat hurt. Folks, it’s all bad.

So I’m feeling a little of the funk myself, but it was so nice out so I had to ride. That’s not a poetic “had to”, either. I was hoping the increase in body temp would knock what little funk I was feeling out of me. That and sunny with only a 5 – 10-mph breeze. In March (it was definitely cool, but we don’t get sun and a gentle breeze in March).

I left work a little early and got home with time to ready the Trek and get dressed at a leisurely clip. It was so nice out I considered taking the Venge out for its first spin of the year…. The fact that there’s likely still a salt residue on the road changed my mind

The crowd in the parking lot grew quickly to an impressive 20-ish riders. I warmed up over a couple of miles and lined up at the start… and after an inordinately long wait, we were off.

I started at the back of the group so I wouldn’t come out all guns a blazin’. It worked. Three miles in and I was breathing easy and rolling with the pace, which was surprisingly comfortable at 25 to 27-mph, considering the crew – about 3 to 1 A to B guys. We turned into a decent crosswind and that slowed the pace down a bit, then a touch more into a headwind. We were still above 22-mph.

I started to tire out about eleven miles in. That minor cold was catching up to me so I decided to turn off rather than tough it out and make myself sicker. I didn’t burn any matches but I didn’t watch the grass grow, either.

I pulled into the parking lot, alone, with 24 miles on the nose, in 1:13:27, or just under a 20-mph average.

Considering the temp in the upper 30’s (2 or 3 C) and I rode the last eleven miles solo, I was very happy with where I’m at going into spring.

Last night was one of those nights that keeps me coming back. Here’s to the open of the 2019 cycling season! ‘Bout time!