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Wait a Second, Who Turned Off the Heat?!

March 2019

We had two magical days at the proper temp for this time of year – actually one normal and one above.  Sadly, it rained both days.  And then it was over.  Kaput.  It’s snowing right now.

Snow in March, in Michigan, isn’t unheard of.  What isn’t common is halfway into the month and we’ve only seen one decent day, and that one was several degrees below normal.

There will be no outdoor cycling today, though we might have a chance tomorrow as it’s at least supposed to be above freezing… at some point.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, and it isn’t a train; it’s warmth and sunshine.  Well, relative warmth.  We’ll be running around in tee shirts but if you happened to be from Florida or Georgia, you’d have your winter jackets on.

We’re a hearty people, as they say.  We’re looking at temps in the 50’s (11 C), and we’ll take it.  Still a little cool, but great for cycling.

In other fun and exciting cycling news, Mrs. Bgddy has a new set of wheels on the way.  They’re really nice.  More on them later.


  1. Same here, snowing today but been up & down all winter.

  2. Dan says:

    And I’m in Orlando Florida WITHOUT a bike. 😭😭😭

  3. Jim, you look a lot younger than I am. I am 56 but in great condition, well fit, except for my knees that bother me with so rapid changes like the one you describe. I can get used to very cold temps and go out and bike ride and my joints are great WITH constant cold. But when it’s heating up and then suddenly the temp drops, ouch, the knees hurt. So I have to pedal really slowly for about 10-20 mins then they -knees- warm up.
    Do you get any physical problem with these sudden changes in temp, Jim?

    • bgddyjim says:

      I have zero problems. In fact, I used to have back problems but road cycling fixed them almost completely. I live a wonderfully pain free life. At 48, I don’t know how it’s even possible. Sometimes I think I’m a genetic freak who should be studied. No knee issues, no joint pain, no nothing.

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