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Ican 38mm Carbon Clincher Wheels; So Good I Bought A Set for My Wife

When I first picked up my Ican 38mm clincher wheels, I wasn’t going to let my expectations about the wheels get in the way of my generally sunny demeanor.  I wasn’t expecting much.  After all, if the big hitters are getting $2,000 for their wheels, how good could a $400 set bought on the internet be?!

Capping my expectations was a brilliant move on my part because the wheels I unpacked that day are spectacular.  They vastly exceeded my expectations, and continue to.


They’re not Zipp or Enve wheels, but I like the Ican’s because I can actually afford them without my budget being destroyed.  In fact, I almost bought two sets last September, one set for me and one for my wife, but I figured a $400 mistake is easier to live with than an $800 mistake.  I knew after a couple of weeks that the wheels were a great deal – good enough that I feel comfortable putting my wife on them.

Generally speaking, I’m skeptical when it comes to Chinese goods.  Take the knock-off cycling helmets as an example.  The knock-off version of the Specialized Evade helmet costs $50 next to the real deal at $225-$275…  Well, that $50 knock-off looks great till you get in a wreck and hit your head on the concrete and the helmet disintegrates because the knuckleheads in China forgot the skeleton that holds the helmet together in a crash.  Unfortunately, that’d be a really bad time to find out that you would have been better served to spend the cash.  So, again, call me skeptical. The point is, Chinese cycling products are a buyer beware market.  Some are shit, others, like the Ican wheels, are fantastic.  A mechanic at our local shop put it this way; as a general rule, if they’re willing to put their name on it, they’re usually good products.

With my Ican wheels, I’ve put them through the paces enough to feel they’ll hold up for my wife, and that’s really all you need to know.

That, on top of the speed advantage with the deeper dish wheels above 22-mph – I can only imagine the benefit from 50’s (50 mm deep section wheels) – must be experienced.  It’s surprising enough that I almost didn’t believe it.  As was the case when I ordered my set last September, I placed the order on Amazon and they were on our porch four days later.  A second perfect ordering experience.

Check them out at this link.