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An Absolutely Fabulous, Spectacular Day for a Ride… Even If It was Freezing

I think we’re down to grasping at anything positive we can find, at this point. Spring should have sprung weeks ago, but we’re stuck in a groundhog day of cold.

On the plus side, at least the sun was out yesterday.

I am also a victim of my desire to perfect my two favorite road bikes.  They’re so good, I have a tough time deciding which one I want to ride anymore.  The choice used to be simple; if there was a chance of rain, I took the Trek.  Now it’s a toss-up.

The weather report on Friday showed Saturday would be a cold start that would eventually warm up to a glorious day.  At 9am it was supposed to be sunny, but too cold to want to ride.  I have the perfect route for a day like that – it’s an out and back with decent roads and depending on the prevailing wind, all of the headwind in the first half of the ride.  It’s short enough at 28-1/2 miles that we can get it done before the cold becomes a nag as well.  I started to get the Venge ready, but opted for the Trek instead.

Being fully honest, I expected to be riding alone.  11am starts usually don’t work because too often, my friends just want to get their day started so either they ride on the trainer or they brave the cold and go out early.  David, a Tuesday night friend who rarely rides with us on the weekend, pulled into the driveway about 20 minutes to Eleven… and that was it.  Diane obviously opted out and Mike had ridden early, so it was just David and I.  We rolled at 11:01.  A mile down the road a message flashed across my Garmin that Doc Mike had just missed us and wanted to know our route so he could catch up.  We pulled over and texted him, then soft pedaled for a mile to give him a chance – then we pulled over to the side of the road at the next intersection to wait.

He caught up a couple of minutes later and the three of us rolled out, into the cold wind.  The headwind, honestly, sucked.  Bad.  And we were into it for something like eight miles before we turned south.  Still a little headwind, but not near as bad as heading west.  Then the sun started doing its job.  The bitter chill to the wind eased and we picked up the pace.  A quick pit stop and we were off again, this time with a tailwind to push us home.  We didn’t get all that crazy with it either, though.  That’s the type of ride I like – you bust your ass into the wind but actually let it push you home.  The next 12 miles were simply fun.

Even with all of the soft pedaling at the beginning of the ride, we pulled into the driveway with an 18.4-mph average.  This early in the season and with temps just above freezing, I was very happy with that average.  My winter on the trainer was well spent.

After I cleaned up, I ate some lunch and got Mrs. Bgddy’s wheels situated and installed.  Her bike looks fantastic with the 38’s on it.  More on that later.  After getting everything set, I sat on the couch and put the foot-rest up and drifted off.

It was the best nap I’d had in quite some time.  A perfect ride will do that to a person.