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And that’s why I ride a bicycle… whilst riding a bicycle.


March 2019

And so it finally was, a spring day on which to ride, and on a Sunday no less….

We rolled out at 9 am, under partly cloudy skies and in just two light layers and a vest for me.  It was 37° (that’s 3 C) but it felt like a balmy spring morning next to the conditions we’ve grown used to riding in.  It was nice enough I had my Venge out, and Mrs. Bgddy, her Alias.  It was our first go at “Sunday Funday”…  See, my buddy, Mike has had a tough time recovering from heart surgery.  Basically, his ticker sucks, so we’re trying to give him a ride once a week where he doesn’t have to worry about the pace.  Rather than our usual pace near 20-mph, we’re keeping the goal around 18 – something he can keep up with and still enjoy himself – and we’ve got quite a few in our group who are looking forward to the change as well.

So off we went, dead into the wind, on our way out to Shiatown and Vernon.  The day just kept getting better as we went.  What was supposed to be an overcast morning turned into full sunshine as the clouds lost the battle to the spring sun.  In the process, it warmed up to a glorious 50° (close to normal, actually).  We ended up with one of those mornings that makes you grateful to have cycling as a hobby.  We added a few miles and a few there until we had our fill.

And that’s when we came to an intersection and saw an aging fella in a pickup truck.  Morbidly obese, pasty skin… he didn’t look good at all.  I often say I want to be mobile when I’m 80, but that’s not quite true.  I want to be mobile when I hit 95, and that’s why I ride a bike.  The guy in the pickup wasn’t but ten years older than me and he didn’t have much time left.

My friends, I ride a bicycle because at 48, I’m just getting started in the good life and I want it to last for a long time.  That’s why I ride a bike.  Well, that and bikes are cool.


  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Yes, to everything about this. I love being active and I can’t imagine ever giving it up. I’m watching a family member slowly pass away and while it is now out of their control, eating well and being active plays a vital role in staying healthy and delaying things. Keep moving!

  2. Manu Stanley says:

    The very mention of 3 degrees C is sending shivers down my spine. I couldn’t imagine riding less than 10 to 12 degrees C. The temperatures in my city varies from 5 deg C (very cold winters) to 46 deg C (very hot summers) typically. I don’t know how the 3 deg C sounds for you (too cold, or just average) in comparison to the general climatic conditions. But hat’s off brother!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Manu, it’s a rare day we ever get a day above 36 C. On the other hand, I regularly ride, during the winter months (November thru February) in -5C temps… it’s cold, of course, but better than the trainer.

  3. joliesattic says:

    Ahhhh, you’re still a young pup! lol I get it though, I was your age when I started to ride. and many of my best friends in Colorado were in their 50’s and 60’s and fit, as was I. Because it’s an active sport, us oldies find ourselves with a much younger group to associate with, which adds our youthfulness. Some of these friends are still riding. Some are even competing. I haven’t ridden in a while but am still very active and most people don’t think I’m in my 70’s because I take care of myself and stay active. It helps.

    • bgddyjim says:

      What you have is exactly what I want. 👍

      • joliesattic says:

        I told my kids I will live to 110, but lately with the state of the world and with all these senseless killings on the news (and one that hit home last week) I’m not sure I want to be around to see what the world will look like in 40 years. Is there somewhere we can hide? However, I do like having very good health.
        When people ask how I do it, I just tell them clean living, stay active and be around young people that cheer you on for the choices you made. You are a testimony to that and that’s why I follow you.

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