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Cycling Whilst, and at the Same Time, Being Under the Weather… Especially if the Weather isn’t Half Bad… Erm.

I know, I know, I can hear you already, but we only get maybe 250 decent cycling days a year.  I’ve gotta take them when I can get them.  And I was only a little under the weather…

I woke up feeling a little rough.  Definitely a cold, not the flu.  It was one of those colds where you know your immune system is going to kick its ass in short order, it’s just a matter of a day or two (in fact I do feel much better this morning).  The ride home was going to be rough but I ended up spending most of the two-hour commute on the phone, so I didn’t have to stop and take a nap – which meant I got home in time to ride.  Bonus.

It was sunny and 44° (7 C) when Chuck and I rolled out – he met me on my first mile, but the wind was pretty brutal – I’d call it 15-20-mph out of the southwest, so it pushed us for the first mile, but we were into it for the next two.  Another push for a mile, then into it… and so on and so forth.

Then the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped precipitously.  Still, I had a decent sweat going and I wasn’t ever uncomfortably cool.  We kept a fairly healthy pace considering we have the Tuesday Night Club Ride coming up – also better to stay warm.  I was going to reign it in at one point, but I figured better to finish quick and get out of the wind, which was picking up and we had the hardest stretch right in front of us.  After a nice three-mile crosswind push, we turned south for the home stretch and bore down.  It was drops all the way, trying to put my chin on the stem cap to keep as low-profile as possible.  We held an impressive 18 to 20-mph into a howling cross-headwind, leap-frogging each other from time to time when the pace started dipping.  At the end of the headwind stretch I was pretty well spent.  We turned left, heading east, and let the wind push us for the next mile.  The final mile was a sit up and spin into the wind mile.  I don’t think we got much over 18 that last mile.

I pulled into the driveway with a nice 18.2-mph average.  Chuck went on to finish his ride.

Shower, dinner, and I was out like a light just after 8 pm.  And now it’s time to hit it all over again.  It’s 3:45 am and I’m headed to shower and shave to head to work. I’ve been up for more than an hour.  Such is the life.