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And Some Days You’ve Just Gotta Take Your Toy and Go Home…

April 2019

It was supposed to be the best Tuesday night yet… a little windy, with winds out of the south-southwest at 15-mph diminishing to 10-mph (24 to 14 km/h), but a nice 55° (I think that’s 12 C).  There was a chance of showers, but not until well after dark – 9:45 pm.  I would be well into dreamland by then.

I readied the Venge and rolled for our meeting place.  Once in the parking lot, I pulled the Venge out of the back of my SUV and finished getting kitted up – helmet, choice of gloves, shoes, etc.  I hopped on the Venge and spun off down the road.  I was still a little under the weather, but operating efficiently under the weather, not “damn, even my hair hurts” under the weather.  The warm-up was easy, with a pretty steady crosswind.  The clouds built up, but I didn’t care.  With only a 10% chance of rain till 8:30, I’d be fine.  I did a full 5.3 mile warm-up.

Sitting in the parking lot ready to go, the wind picked up and the clouds thickened.  Still no worries.  We rolled at 6 pm on the nose.

A mile and a half with what was now a howling crosswind and we turned north with a blistering tailwind.  The pace went from 18-ish-mph to almost 30, right now.  Then the wind shifted to the southwest and picked up.  Gusts were easily 30-mph (48-km/h).  Then the rain started.  At first it was just sprinkles, but it went from intermittent to nasty in a hurry.  The temp dropped.

And I turned around and headed back.

Folks, I needed that like I needed a hit in the head.  Maybe if I was 100% healthy I’d have gutted it out – it looked like the rain was going to be spotty at worst, but at 80% and the chance of teetering to full-on sick, no thanks.  Better to get better and ride another day than mess with that.  Every now and again I just have to take my toy and go home.


  1. Sorry to hear that. All that wind blew the rain and cold away on this side of the big lake. I resisted the temptation to take a nap after work, got an hour of glorious single track riding in on an incredibly light bike a friend loaned me. 🙂

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