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We Paid for Yesterday’s Bike Ride All Winter Long. It was Worth It.

April 2019
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We rolled out yesterday morning at 8:30. It was a touch chilly, but with nary a cloud in the sky.  It was set to warm up in a hurry though, so I dressed a little lighter than I normally would for the chilly start.  I was counting on the coming warmth enough that I was nervous when I walked out the door.  A mile in I knew I’d picked the perfect clothes for the morning. I was never too warm but I certainly wasn’t at all cold.

The next 42 miles were absolutely perfect. We had a decent eight person pace line, and we worked together like we were in mid-season form.  The pace was easy and there were smiles all the way down the line.  And with the sunshine, lack of wind, and warming temperature, it just kept getting better.

It’s hard to put my feelings into words as we all cruised down the road – part joy, part relief after far too many cold days, and a whole lot of gratitude at having the friends I do.  It was such a gnarly winter and to finally be out in weather good enough that we could simply ride and enjoy the day, it was simply spectacular.  I ended the day with just enough miles that I was ready to be done.  Yesterday’s ride highlighted the wide chasm between being done because I was tired and being done because I don’t want to be cold anymore.

The former was glorious.  I’d had enough of the latter.  And it’s supposed to be even nicer today – it’s supposed to be 13° warmer at the start.  I’ll take it.



  1. Glad you got a great morning to ride. I came across a group of eight as I was out running errands early yesterday morning, a group of guys I used to ride with, just warming up and talking as they began a ride west. A lot of the riders I saw later in the morning were way overdressed. Me? I waiting until midafternoon and rode singletrack in shorts and tee. Great, great, great day for a ride!

    Supposed to rain here today. I hope it goes south of you!

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