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The Perfect (Cycling) Weekend…

April 2019

We rode another 43-1/2 miles yesterday, under perfect conditions for an April weekend.  No rain, mild temps (at least by this year’s standards – we’d usually call this average), and relatively mild winds.  Our friend Chuck is back from out west, so it felt like our group was whole again.  The Venge is almost unbelievably fun to ride since the addition of the new Selle saddle and the cf wheels.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day, though.  After some lunch, I took a nap.  My oldest daughter, who just decided she wanted to give tennis a go, asked me to take her out to practice a bit (I’m okay at tennis, too – my brother has been a teaching pro for decades).  I have to admit, I think I gave her a bit of a “deer in the headlights” look when she asked.  90 miles in two days, I expected to be a little gassed – and I still had to bowl after.  Tennis turned out to be a really good idea, though.  Rather than being “too tight”, after a few volleys back and forth, I loosened up and gave her a pretty good go of it (she’ll be kicking my butt on a regular basis in no time).

Then came bowling, and that didn’t turn out so well.  I just didn’t have it last night.  I started out well, but I fizzled fast.  I was glad it was our last night for the season.

If that wasn’t enough, the Tigers won, sweeping the Royals to put them in first place – it won’t last long, I imagine, with a newly rebuilding team, but it’s been nice to see them win and have a good time of it so far.

By the time I got home last night, I couldn’t have been more ready for bed.  I didn’t last long once the lights went out.  It was a perfect weekend.


  1. NoWineImFine says:

    Sounds like you fell into bed exhausted – you must have slept like a baby. 😊

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