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I Shall Flout the Rules on Cycling Caps and You Can’t Stop Me (nanna-nanna, na-nah)

April 2019

I love cycling caps. I freaking dig them. I have close to a dozen.

Cycling caps are the perfect bug barrier and bee deterrent system so I don’t get stung in the melon.  They’re also cool, in a nerdy “I don’t care if you know I’m a geek for being a cyclist” kinda way.  Finally, for those of us old enough to remember Jesper Parnevick, Jesper Parnevick.

Also, as a little known aside, a cycling cap is an excellent under-cap for a hard hat if you happen to be in construction.

I don’t like the brim when I’m riding, though.  Brim up is the proper way to go, because brim down I can’t see as easily as I’d like when I’m in the drops.  This works with Specialized helmets, but it doesn’t with my Kask Mojito.  The front scoop of the dome protector is all wrong for a cycling cap… Brim up makes the melon protector ride up too high.  I’ve struggled with what to do for the better part of a couple of months.  I almost went back to my Spec. melon protector just so I could continue wearing my cycling caps.

Then it dawned on me; I knew what to do, but The Rules would most certainly prohibit the display.  So unconscionable was my solution, they didn’t even bother addressing it in the rules as they are – but I don’t care.

The solution is to flip the cap backward so the brim covers my neck – but to avoid the obvious problem of yet another ridiculous tan line, I flip the brim up (this also fixes the issue created by the brim messing with one’s ability to look up whilst riding in the drops – an enormous difficulty, as difficulties go.  In cycling).

An impervious bee layer, the brim doesn’t mess with my line of sight, and I don’t have to turn it up, which looks weird paired with my super-cool awesome Kask Mojito helmet.

I just have to watch out for the Velominati… if one of them sees me on the road I’ll have to be on my horse, lest one of them try to knock me off my bike for being badass enough to pull off the reverse cycling cap, brim up.

Yes, it is good to have my problems.


  1. biking2work says:

    Peak down is good for night time riding or into the sun. But backwards is good for my lid also and I’ve done it for years. The Velominati can shove their rules you know where.

  2. capejohn says:

    I have traded in my stocking caps to cycling caps now that the weather permits it.

    I not only wear one when biking, but also going out around town. I get mine at Waltz Caps online.

  3. i love my cycling cap 🙂

  4. Cap on backwards is probably more aero too. Win win! 😆

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