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Making Due with What I’ve Got; This Year is Going to Be a Bummer on the Bike

Do not take any part of this post as if I were complaining.  You would be mistaken, and I apologize for not better articulating that I am not a victim in this – I feel lucky to be doing what I do for a living.

I’ve got three hours from when I get home till I’ve gotta be in bed sleeping, if I want to be rested and up in time to get to work.  By rested, I mean six hours of sleep.  Six is enough, by the way.  I can’t sleep much longer.  I did, Monday, what is almost unconscionable for a cyclist; on a perfectly sunny, if just a touch cool day, I chose the trainer over riding outside.  The truth is, after walking my job all day and the two-hour commute home, I was tired and I didn’t want to have to get dressed, get the bike prepped, then get my butt out the door for my hour ride… it just seemed like trying to fit in a lot at the time.

Well, yesterday I drove through a rain shower that was going to hit our Tuesday Night Club Ride so I opted to stay home… even though the shower only showed up as a blip on the radar.  Those who did show up got hammered.  My buddy, Chuck says he’s going to have to switch weather apps because the one he’s using is obviously worthless… and I even let him know that I was driving through a rain shower.  I rode inside and also got my sleep.

Sadly, we’ve got rain in the forecast for today, tomorrow evening, and Friday… as of right now, it’s afternoon rain for Saturday and Sunday, so we might get lucky and squeeze some miles in over the weekend.  Thankfully, no freezing temperatures.

Point is, I’m sacrificing a lot in terms of my normal riding to do this job.  It’s worth it, by a long shot, but I’m having to be creative to fit everything in…

And I have to mention my saint of a wife.  Without her, what I’m doing would be impossible.