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Sweet Baby Jesus, Swaddled in a Manger; Now THAT was a Bike Ride.

In my post just yesterday I was lamenting riding on the trainer so I could better deal with work. We were supposed to see some rain but it, miraculously, held off. Well, there was a 20% chance, but in Michigan, a 20% chance of rain means a 100% chance you’ll end up 20% wet.

So I took the Trek.

The wind was out of the southeast, typical for this time of year, so when I rolled out I crept up to 23-mph pretty quickly.  The headwind I turned into after the first mile made me chuckle – I just put my head down, hands on the drops, and rolled.  After picking my buddy, Chuck up, the fun began.  Tailwind for miles.  The clouds parted, the sun came out in all of its early spring glory, and we rolled on.

Then, the headwind… and nothing.  We kept our speed up over 20 and had an easy 19-mph average going until we turned south.  That was a bear.  I’d come off a decent two-mile pull north of 21-mph into a cross headwind so I was gassed.  Chuck rolled around me and took the lead but the wind had picked up and switched mainly to the south – we were almost dead into it.  Chuck took a mile and was down to 16-mph when I came around him.  I gave him a few seconds to latch on at the back and started to speed up.  I took it up to 18-19-mph but only held that for a half-mile before I started to breathe a little too heavy.  By the end of my mile I was down to 17-mph and having a tough time holding it.  The headwind was nasty.

Then a mile east, which was a little easier, then the home stretch.

While the last half might sound more like work than fun, I really couldn’t have been happier to be outside.  My legs felt great after a couple of days inside on the trainer and the mild temperatures (and sunshine) were desperately needed.  I pulled in the driveway with a smile on my face and that good feeling is still with me this morning.  I needed that.