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When I Sobered Up, I Used to Hope My Life Wouldn’t Be Boring… I Have a Hard Time Packing It All In


April 2019

I woke for work Thursday morning at 3 a.m. when my alarm went off.  I drank my morning “wake up” two cups of coffee, showered and left at 4:23.  I put a full day in and left at 3:15 p.m., arriving home at 5:15.  Thursday’s a meeting night so leaving work late messed me up a little bit.  I had to get dressed quickly and get my butt out the door with the Venge if I was going to get a ride in.

I opted for a 30 minute ride because I was so short on time.  I figured I’d do some intervals and call that good, shooting for an 18-ish mph average.  After the first mile-and-a-half I got out of the saddle and hit it hard, sprinting north of 26 and holding that for a couple of power poles.  Three more power poles and another sprint.  Then another, and another.  I’d taken my average pace from 18-1/2-mph to just north of 20.  Rather than rest, I decided to hammer the rest and finish the ten-mile course in less than 30 minutes.  North and south weren’t much of a big deal – I was holding 22-mph easily.  The problem was going to be a three-mile stretch into the wind, heading east.  I carried some decent speed through the corner and put my head down, trying to stay just above my 20.4 mph average.  I got caught at a stop sign by traffic after the second mile, but with only one to go into the wind, I knew I’d make it.  9.91 miles in 29:21 for a 20.2-mph average…. Not bad for short on time.

I cleaned up and headed out to meet my sponsor for dinner at 6:30.  I was two minutes late.  We had a nice dinner and headed to our meeting.  After some decent discussion, we packed it up and I took him home.  I crawled into bed at a few minutes after 9 p.m., exhausted.

Most days are like that, anymore.  Packed with so much to do, it’s hard to get to it all.  I once naively worried I’d be bored in recovery.  That was more than a few 24-hours ago.  I’ve come to learn that I have a tough time fitting everything in.



  1. first off, thanks for sharing my friend. I’ve been there and still am. Recovery can seem to be a real pain in the butt. Years of recovery later and I still sometimes wonder what excitement even was at that time compared to this life i have now that to most may seem boring and repetitious however it’s packed with all the things in life that i love. Sleep, Eat, Pedal, Family, Work. thats the process and im pretty happy with it. Sounds like you have the same process and thats epic.
    Grats on the 22ish mph, keep positive and live for you first. Feel free to shout any time also. Have an epic day my friend and ride safe.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Thanks, my friend. The simple explanation of my enjoyment of what others might view as mundane, is the fact that I lived “nuts” for long enough that I don’t want any more of it. I like quiet and fun!

  3. joliesattic says:

    You inspire in so many ways.

  4. So true!!! Looking back, I don’t know how I had to to drink and recover from hangovers. It feels so good to fill my days being truly productive. Great post 🙌🏼

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