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Making the Most of An Awful Spring

This has been, without question, the worst spring I can remember (and this is going back 40-ish years).  March is always a craps shoot in Michigan, but usually, about midway through the month riding becomes fairly reasonable.  April tends to be wet and a little chilly, but by the end of the month we’re usually running into some pretty nice days.  May is usually quite excellent.  The rain isn’t near as frequent and tolerable temps abound… but not this year.  March sucked.  April sucked.  And May, well, I can’t even believe how ugly it’s been around here.  We’re constantly dodging rain storms and the temperature has been well below normal (by as much as 20 degrees F).

That said, considering I’m working out of town and the crappy weather, my mileage isn’t all that bad – I managed 860 miles for the month – actually, a little more after this evening’s jaunt (more on that later).

Absence made my heart grow fonder

This time last year I was already starting to show signs of over-training.  I had to be careful to get my recovery rides in or I’d have been toast.  I took 20 days off the bike last season (March through October).  This year, I took a third of those days off in May alone – mostly weather related, but work played a part, too.  The break, surprisingly, has done some good.  Most notably, Tuesday nights have been rather fantastic.  We’re turning in 21.5 to 22-mph averages with knee and arm warmers a requirement.  And rather than struggling to keep the pace, I’m quite enjoying myself.  If I had any desire to, I’d almost bet I could ride with the A Group (they’re 24 to 25-mph average).  I won’t, though.  I’d rather ride at a pace I can enjoy.  We’ll easily hit 23 once the wind dies down and the temps climb to a point we’re not fighting against the clothing we need to stay warm.

The big change has to be my enjoyment of riding, though.  Cycling has put a daily smile on my face since 2011, but this year, every time I get out seems like a treat.  I feel lucky to be able to take an hour during the week, or a few on a Saturday or Sunday, to be able to suit up and spin out some miles – almost privileged, though that’s not the best “politically correct” word for the chattering class.  Anyway, as difficult as life’s been I’m still managing to see the plus-side of life.  I’d say my perspective is good.

Anyway, I’m working on some pretty decent posts in my spare time, what little I have, so please stay tuned.  That job I’m working on is really cooking now, and we’re getting close.  I’ll be back to normal before I know it.