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A Bike Ride a Day Keeps the Gloom Away

My friends, I’m deep in it right now. The job I’m commuting two hours each way to is in the home stretch and I’m managing more than 100 workers…. and we’re on the hot seat.  Which means I’ve been getting out late every afternoon.  This will go on until it’s another trade’s turn to be on the hot seat (should be the electricians this week).

I haven’t been riding near as much as I’d like. In fact, not even close. On the plus side, when I can ride, my legs are fresh as a sunny spring day. On the other side of the ledger, an hour a day keeps me sharp, happy, and motivated.  Without my daily escape, life gets tricky.  The weather hasn’t been cooperating much, either.

Finally, after a soggy, busy week, I was able to get out for a ride with my friends yesterday for a 53-miler. It was quite chilly to start, but it warmed up just in time. We even had the sun make an appearance, and that boosted my mood immensely.  We were into a mild headwind for the first 26 miles before finally turning to loop home – roughly about the time the sun started poking through the clouds.

I can’t say it was the tailwind that got me smiling, because that really wasn’t much of a help at all.  It was a combination of being out with my friends and the sunshine warming me up that really improved my mood.  Before long, all I could think about was how lucky I was to be me; to have the friends I do, to be able to enjoy the fresh air without excuses or hindrances.  When we turned onto my street, I was a little bummed that my ride was over.  It had been a good one, but I could have gone another fifteen or twenty miles.

Which was a little ironic, because after I showered and cut the grass, my wife came home and asked if I’d go out for a leg-stretcher with her – real slow, just an easy effort to get the blood flowing.  We cajoled my youngest to ride the tandem for a bit, so I gave her the Garmin, put my new Varia radar taillight on the back and explained how everything worked (a friend bought the new Varia because it’s a little more “aero” and gave me his old one last week)… funny how a little technology will keep a kid into something they really didn’t want to do – she spent the whole ride letting mom know when there was a car back.  My youngest only lasted a little less than six miles on the tandem, so I put that in the house and took my Venge out for the final ten miles.

For the rest of the night I felt like I was “back”.  After all last week stuck on the trainer, it was nice to shake the cobwebs out on the road.  My mood is vastly improved – and we’ve got another 70 planned for this morning, so the melon committee might even be under control later this afternoon.  I’d bet on it.