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TNCR Back in the Saddle; A Little More Work than I’d Hoped…

I had visions of coming back from a week’s vacation with rested legs and a good bit of want to, ready to kick some butt on Tuesday night. I’d visualized it. I could actually see it….

And then, reality. I thought rested legs would make up for taking the week off (and the several extra pounds I’m carrying). I was mistaken.

The wind was pretty tough last night, so we started out fairly slow, thankfully. I was almost getting a little antsy when we turned north and things got lively with a bit of a cross tailwind. Then we had a long slog southwest into a fairly ugly cross-headwind. Again, at times the pace-line slowed to a point I got antsy, but then a couple of hitters would get up front and we’d be back to normal again.

Coming into the first sprint I don’t even remember how things shook out, but I came across the line second. I went about 30 seconds too early and ended up running out of gas before the line.

After the intermediate sprint we had a nice tailwind and we took advantage. And I was starting to wear down. The week off was taking a toll.

The next six miles were spent in a cross tailwind, and we were holding a decent pace between 23 & 26-mph. A mile before the sprint, Dave Fej., one of the A guys who rides with us on hot days, pulled alongside me and offered for he and another to lead the group out if I’d just let Justin come up…. a guy can’t argue with that! The two led the group out, accelerating from 24-mph to 32… and when it was time to jump, I just didn’t have the “want to” to bring it home. Second again.

Still, as fat as I feel right now, it was a great day and I gave a good effort. It was good to be back on my bike again.