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A Busted Pair of Glasses and My Experience with Glasses USA and Ordering a Couple of Pairs Online…

Whilst snorkeling at Eden Rock on the Grand Caymen Island, I did something I’d end up regretting: I wrapped up my eyeglasses in my towel and placed it in our locker. Five or six hours later, and about 107 photos, and my wife beat me back to the locker.

After seeing all of what Eden Rock had to offer, we walked down to Sunset house and spent a few hours over there. Sunset had some impressive snorkeling but my sister-in-law and brother-in-law weren’t ready to get out. You can’t get me out of the water, so when they said they wanted to snorkel back rather than walk, I was staying in the water…

With blue like that, I don’t know how I could be expected to get out till the boat was leaving…

Long story short, my wife had gotten into the locker and dropped my glasses on the concrete patio. Then stepped on them to complete the job. They were destroyed. Arm broken off, lenses gouged. Destroyed. I was angry for about two seconds, but the look on her face after she told me what had happened, there was no way I could blame her or stay mad. It was technically my fault anyway. I knew better.

I started at Warby Parker that night but they didn’t have many styles I liked. I made my way over to Glasses USA. They had a great feature that let you upload a photo of your face and it would, after some manipulation, put the glasses you liked on your photo… and it worked. I ordered two pair on Monday after Mrs. Bgddy dug out my prescription (one pair for backup, ahem).

Email confirmation was sent, so on and so forth. Instructions said it would take about eight work days to get them shipped. I paid for the upgraded, faster shipping. The following days sucked. I’m nowhere near legally blind, my driver’s license doesn’t require I wear corrective lenses at all… but once I was used to seeing perfectly, I got used to my HD life. It was going to be a LONG eight days.

The first pair showed up at my door Friday. Four days, and they look exactly like they did in my uploaded selfie. No email that they’d shipped, just a “your order is going through our qc department” email, and there they were.

They’re fantastic, and being able to see again is wonderful… and in only four days (I’m expecting the second pair today, I just got the qc email), so five business days for the second, if they show up.

My experience couldn’t possibly have been better. The choosing process was simple and satisfying. The ordering process was easy, and the delivery vastly exceeded my expectations (even if their eight days was more “under promise and over deliver” – 2 to 3 days for qc is silly).