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How to Upload a New Route to Your Garmin Using Ride With GPS

If you’re trying to use apps to get routes to your Garmin, you’re likely frustrated.  I was.  Or maybe I was doing it wrong and I just lost patience…  If you’re like me, relax, this is going to be simple. This takes about five minutes, once you know what you’re doing… so, about the second time.

First, open the Ride With GPS route in a web browser on a computer, and after you’ve created a free account. Export the route to a .fit file (that extension is said to work best for Garmin). Download the file to an easy location to access on your computer (I have a folder for this purpose). Plug in your Garmin and open the drive in a folder to view files. Open Garmin, then Courses… that’s where you drag and drop the new file into your Garmin. *It appears instructions for where to deposit the .fit file can differ (see the comments section below).

Now, I use my laptop for this if I have a good wifi connection. If I don’t, my tablet or phone both work fantastically, as long as I use the browser rather than the app to open the RWGPS route. Also, I transfer the file from my phone to my laptop, then to my Garmin, but that’s just a USB chord connection.