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Isla Roatan; Some of the Best Diving on the Planet


July 2019

I’m a snorkeler. I love it. I can’t spend enough time in the water – I’m only limited by the amount of sun my skin can take, but once I’m covered thoroughly, I’ll stay in the ocean for hours.  And, before you ask, I’m a cyclist first.  One wildly expensive hobby is enough.  That’s why I don’t scuba dive.  I know I would love it.  I know.

Recently I had the pleasure of going on a cruise with my sister-and-brother-in-law, their and our kids. It was absolutely fantastic, but the highlight was snorkeling the west bay of Isla Roatan, Honduras. Drop-offs so stunning you’ll swallow seawater. Too many types of fish to catalog with an encyclopedia at your fingertips. Turtles, cuttlefish, rays, eels and surprisingly, a lack of sharks (I’m told the east bay is a different story).



I was in the water for six hours.  We were on the last bus back to the ship.  Six of the best hours I’ve ever spent in the water – and I can’t wait to go back…  Next time for a week, though.  One day wasn’t near enough, and that’s just for the west bay.  We’ll need another week for the east bay!

Put simply, Grand Cayman was very nice (especially Sunset House, though Eden Rock was nice, too), but that was a warm-up for Roatan.  If you’re a snorkeling or diving fan, put the island on your bucket list.  Then move it to the top of that list.


  1. Sheree says:

    Nothing, but nothing, could persuade me to dive or snorkle!

  2. Sue Slaght says:

    It looks astounding Jim. I have heard great things about Roatan. So glad you had the opportunity to not only go but to share it with us. I feel my wanderlust revving up!

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