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Better than a Perfect Cycling Road Trip

July 2019

Chuck, Mike and I cruised on one of the nicest routes I’ve ever ridden, in near perfect cycling weather, for 77 miles yesterday. We even had a tailwind for the last third of the ride. When does that ever happen?! I got to see Sleeping Bear Dunes for the first time in person… and we even had a quarter-mile 22% climb in the park (!).

We had a great chili and brisket hotdog dinner (yes, beef brisket hotdogs are amazing) and ice cream over at the Interlochen School of the Performing Arts while Peter Frampton started his farewell tour. And it was an outdoor show so we didn’t have to buy tickets to snag a listen for a few songs.

Oh! And I almost forgot the cherry rootbeer at Cherry Republic, where I had a cherry bacon burger that was simply fantastic, for lunch…

nother 65 miles today…


  1. lampenj says:

    That cherry bacon burger at Cherry Republic is fantastic. I almost think I’d recommend people head up to Glenn Arbor to eat that burger and if they have time, go see Sleeping Bear Dunes 🙂

  2. Looks like an awesome cycling trip!

  3. OmniRunner says:

    I still love “Frampton Comes Alive” You’re lucky you got to see him. So many of the old dogs are leaving the road.

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