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The Finale to Our Perfect Road Trip; Interlochen State Park to Traverse City and the Old Mission Peninsula


July 2019

We rolled out yesterday morning with 68 miles in mind, a nice route into Traverse City, then on to the Old Mission Peninsula. We did skip the lighthouse as that would have added another 20 miles and we simply didn’t want to ride that far.

The ride into Traverse is exceptionally busy with traffic but with a nice, wide shoulder, we didn’t mind at all and kept an easy 20-mph pace with little vehicular interaction. Traverse City itself is very bicycle friendly with bike lanes on most major streets, though the traffic, again, is thick and you have to watch out for parked motorists opening their car doors. They haven’t yet taught the Dutch Reach in the USA.

Once on the peninsula, though, everything changes. Traffic is a little thick for the first few miles, but it thins out considerably as you work your way north… and you’ll still have those famously wide shoulders for much of the peninsula, anyway.

The scenery is nothing short of stunning.

For our day, we had perfect weather. Impossibly sunny, not too cool, but not too warm (Chuck and I started out in arm warmers, but Mike toughed it out in short sleeves) and just beautiful. Thankfully, with the previous days’ miles wearing on us a little, we didn’t push the pace at all so we had plenty of opportunities for photos and for rubbernecking.

We stopped at the Bad Dog Deli for lunch, (try the Southwestern Chicken Wrap – it’s fantastic), and finished cruised back to the park. Don’t eat too heavily, though… the climb out of Traverse is a doozy.

What a getaway.


  1. Eliza says:

    Looks awesome!!🌊🌊

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