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The Case for Corporate Sponsorship of Single Track Trails — joseph lampen


July 2019

Joe is a good millennium friend of mine – meaning we’ve kept contact through the internet, having never met face to face.  I believe he has something in the post linked below.  I wanted to share it with those who regularly read my blog.  Please read on…

It has been a long time since I’ve penned anything on this blog. I’ve enjoyed creating and sharing my videos here to try to show just how much fun I am having living an active and healthy lifestyle. However, I’ve had something brewing on my mind that I felt could be better communicated with a […]

via The Case for Corporate Sponsorship of Single Track Trails — joseph lampen


  1. Archetype says:

    As this will perhaps not be popular…I won’t read the post before I say….that ANY corporate involvement in recreational cycling is a BAD idea. A very bad one. Typical of the younger generations not to understand the gravity of corporate fascism or Corporatism. ANY corporate involvement MEANS government involvement, but more so than on a community level. Corporations have become some of the most nefarious, tyrannical enterprises on the planet.Shareholders have NO interest in the lives of cyclists, none.

    All shareholders care about is profit, pure and simple. Though not actual pure…morals and ethics are non-existent in the corporate world my friend. Aided by an authoritarian government they can virtually run wild and do whatever they please. A few fines here and there… a slap on the wrist…and it’s back to practicing scumbaggery.

    I’ll go ahead and read the article and return with additional comments. But for now, lets be clear, corporations and government have become the oppressive rulers of the planet and no longer have or should have a place in deciding anything based on freewill.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Well, brother, you and I are going to depart opinion on these points. I know, and currently work for, exceptional companies who do a lot of good with profits. There are bad corporations, for sure, but most are run by good and decent people. Now, as corporations get bigger, well then you have bigger egos and the use of politicians to quell competition, and that’s the nasty underbelly you’re referring to, so I’ll give you that. The vast majority don’t fall into that category, though.

  2. Archetype says:

    Good intentions, but naive. Medium to large corporations have become in general a scourge on society. Doing more harm than good.I’m a bit surprised you agree with the idea Jim. Like I said, on paper, on the surface it seems okay. But in the end, it would in all likely hood become just another way to have yet more control over society.When corporate funds dictate the rules, instead of taxes by the very persons that would be part of the use, it becomes a potentially dangerous path.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I understand your concern there, and if we were talking about government, I’d be weary. Companies often do a lot of good with their profits, and I’m cool with that.

      • Archetype says:

        Well, if a corporations actions can be kept in check BY the Citizenry , then yes, it could be a good idea. But I am very suspect… 😛

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