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The Kindest Compliment a Guy Can Get on His 20-Year Old Bike

We’re just back from DALMAC, our awesomely epic bike tour from Lansing, MI to Mackinaw City, covering 377 miles in four days.  I’ve got a lot to write about this one, but little time… because I’ve gotta be out the door in a few minutes to meet my friends for a post-DALMAC, Labor Day, Monday Funday ride.  I managed to get a few posts lined up before we left, but in the end, I didn’t have enough to fill every day and I needed the vacation…  But I’m back, and happier for it.

I’ll get the DALMAC write-up done later, but for now; cruising down the home stretch, the final ten miles yesterday, a new guy we met from Canada who rode with us all weekend long, as we’re cruising down the road at 25-26-mph (41-km/h, for you Randy and Sue), Randy asks of my 1999 Trek, “Now, Jim, is that bike brand new?”  It’ll be a classic next year.

I almost got a little misty.  Mission accomplished, baby.