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Wait, You Want HOW MUCH For Those Brakes?!

September 2019

I was just perusing, because I do that sometimes, the webz for some lightweight brake calipers – just to see if I got the best deal I could on my Shimano 105 brakes that I installed on the Trek (and that look spectacular, I might add):

So this is what pops up:


So, as you can see, those bad boys are carbon fiber.  They also look to be quite well built… they have a nice finish to them, right?

Take a guess at how much those suckers cost.

No.  Guess higher.  Still higher.  MUCH higher.

Okay, you won’t get it.  Cane Creek, some of the best brakes on the market, go for about $350 a set.  The THM Fibula’s run $1,360 for the pair.

My friends, I can tell you this, I got a good deal on my 105’s and I shan’t ever wander too far from the beaten path again.  My whole gravel bike was less than those brakes!  If I ever get to be that much of a weight weenie, I’ll have to kick my own ass.

Holy moly!


  1. Sue Slaght says:

    More than my current bike cost. Yikes!

  2. theandyclark says:

    For that much, I expect the brakes to make the bike front up like a pony and set me down gently! Maybe with a little neighing thrown in.

  3. Yeah but how damn SEXY do those babies look! 😆

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