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The Number One Rule of Cycling with Friends; There’s No Politics On Bike Rides.


September 2019

Trigger (heh) warning; I’m going to break the number one rule of cycling with friends in this post, but for good reason, and for the last time… I’m going to drop it. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

I was all set to strike against Specialized’s hitching itself to the Global Climate Strike, a movement advocating the destruction of the planet. Calling for an end to fossil fuel use by 2025 would require the planet be blanketed with solar panels and wind turbines to supply enough power to keep everything from reverting back to the stone age – the earth, blanketed by “clean” energy implements would mean an end to most life on earth – let’s just suffice it to say the movement wasn’t thought through very well.).

I’d taken the wheels off my Specialized Venge and set it in the corner. I was all set to cover all the Specialized logos on my other bikes with tape, and I was going to make a stink about their idiocy on this blog, regularly. How dare Specialized hitch themselves to an ignorant political movement and f*** up my enjoyment of such a fine bicycle… and mess with the number one rule of riding with others; no politics on bike rides.


However, I had an epiphany on my buddy’s birthday ride; I was invariably breaking the rule myself. I already had, and more than once. Even though I was frustrated, I was dragging my own righteous indignation into bike rides. While I wouldn’t try to equate guilt, because Specialized’s infraction is so egregious it boggles the mind as to what they were thinking, I have to look at my part in this sordid little tale because my part is the only part I can really do anything about.

I quietly put my Venge back together Sunday afternoon.

I don’t know how I’ll take action in the matter, I’ve got a few ideas floating right now, but in the end, I’ve gotta obey the golden rule; I can’t drag politics into bike rides. As I mentioned in a previous post, we need some things to be devoid of politics because the issues, especially this one, are so badly misused and abused by special interests and politicians it’s almost impossible to have an intelligent conversation with a true believer. We need refuge so we can remember what’s most important about being human – that we work best together, that we need each other, it’s important to rely on each other, and better, why we need to care for each other.

I can’t very well do that by pointing out reality to Kool-Aid drinkers on a bike ride, either. They’re normally too lost in their own hate-filled ignorance to see an issue clearly, anyway. Worse, everyone else, who would rather not be dragged into that mess, gets sucked in. Who would want to spend their weekend free time like that? Not me, so I’ve gotta stow that $#!+. Put simply, I’ve gotta make my peace with it and leave it be. If someone brings up the Specialized kerfuffle, all I have to do is explain my bike was bought long before they advocated for an end to life on Earth, and other than pointing out that simple reality, I’m not getting any deeper into politics on a bike ride.

That said, I don’t find myself particularly wanting a new “woke” bike, either.  I prefer a manufacturer that just sticks to making bikes.

Finally, if you want to know how a Climate Crisis is created, watch this:

After listening to Greta Thunberg address the UN, my worst fears have been realized with that poor, brainwashed kid.  She’s a true nutter and probably doesn’t even know that she’s being played.


  1. unironedman says:

    Bamboo bikes. Its comin’!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Coming? They’re already here… and they’re great if you’re real, real slow. Not exactly the stiffest medium, that’s for sure. I like the wood bikes a little better myself. I’m particularly fond of Renovo. A little on the heavy side, but very cool indeed.

      • unironedman says:

        Ah yes, I know. I’ve seen them. “For the cyclist who wants to make a statement, a Booomers bike is more than just a beautiful ride. Bamboo has zero carbon footprint, it’s lighter than steel, way more comfortable than aluminium and isn’t fragile like carbon fibre”
        Which may be true. Of the frame. But the chain, tyres, groupset, etc. All metal parts, or a mix. Still, not knockin’ it; just think I would be happier sitting atop a steel frame, given the choice

      • bgddyjim says:

        You and me both! I never liked the looks of the bamboo bikes, and you’re right about the components. That said, they can have my carbon fiber frame when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  2. joliesattic says:

    Just the mention of the word politics gets my blood boiling. It is hard to imagine how people get duped into believing the stuff they do. Yes, there are problems on this earth, but … well S*%T! As for bamboo bikes. My son in law had $10k bike with wheels made of wood once. Nice. What gets me is that there’s been a push for environmentally “safe” product, but what people are not aware of is what is used to make that product. Fuels. Waste. And in some cases chemicals to fuse them with. They don’t tell you that.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Exactly! Not only that, the thing that really gets me riled up is the companies thinking that if they just signal their virtue, the mob will leave them to their own. Those nuts are willing to burn down the planet for their cause – and Specialized thinks they’ll be left alone by THAT mob? No chance.

      • joliesattic says:

        I remember years ago when “environmentalists” went on a rampage against ski resorts and proceeded to burn down lodges, destroying property and polluting the air with the fires they ignited.

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