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How Not to Sprint; A Photographical (Comical) Example of How to Do It Wrong


September 2019

I happened on a post on the Map My Run Blog on How to Sprint and the photo they threw up to go with the headline shows exactly how not to sprint.  I laughed out loud.

And I thought I’d make fun of it share it with you for a laugh.  The photo:


Now, it’s not the first guy that’d be going for the sprint.  No, he’s the lead-out.  You’re looking at the second fella.  So, first things first, when you take off for a sprint, the last thing you want to do, Captain Obvious, is apply the brakes.  Worse, of course, is both brakes.  Brakes kinda defeat the purpose of “sprinting”.

Second, as their post says, it’s a good thing to get out of the saddle when you launch your sprint.  It doesn’t tell you how to do that, but the dude in the photo isn’t doing it right.  The guy should be out of the saddle before he ever leans that bike to overtake his lead-out.

Now, this part is important part – as if not applying your brakes wasn’t but let’s not get lost in the weeds – you’ve gotta know your limitations.  If you go too early, you’ll run out of gas and you’ll be passed up by those sucking your wheel.  Preferably not by someone in their saddle and applying the brakes, however.

Just sayin’.


  1. The Omil says:

    No brakes … so that’s where I’ve been going wrong

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