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This Time of Year and Me; It’s All Doom and Gloom

We’re only a month, maybe a month-and-a-half, from putting time in on the turbo trainer.  There’s no doubt, I’ll be spending as much time outdoors as I can and I’m a little bummed… but at the same time, I’m tired.  It’s been a long season of trying to work it out so I’ve fit in absolutely every last mile I can.  And unlike what the hype of the day says, this winter is supposed to be brutal.  Lots of cold, lots of snow.

Trainer season is easy.  Rides are shorter.  There’s no traffic.  I can ride and clean up in slightly less than an hour.  The temperature is constant.  No chance of rain inside.  And if I decide to take a day off, I’m not missing much.  It’s just a day off.  Better, when trainer season truly hits, I’m done until January.  Sure, I’ll still put time in on the trainer, but I take it very easy till January 1st.  Everything has some time to heal up.

The last road trip of the season is coming up, just a quick jaunt up north for Chuck’s birthday ride, maybe one or two final supported rides, and just four more club rides – and that’s if the weather cooperates.

One thing is for sure, I’m ready to hibernate for a bit.

You may have come to the astute conclusion that this doesn’t sound quite like the Title suggests…  Folks, I’ve been through hell once already.  Even my doom and gloom is pretty good.