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Making the Most of A Weekend Rain Out…


September 2019

Well, it started raining Friday afternoon, shortly after I walked in the door.  Now, some who live in gnarlier climates would simply don the rain gear and head out.  Thankfully, rain rarely lasts more than 16 hours here in Michigan, so I choose to wait it out – and the Weather Channel said it’d be over by 9 or 10 am Saturday, anyway.

Well, that assessment was a little rosy.  I think it rained till just after noon, so I used the whole morning for some maintenance.  I cleaned the drivetrain on each of our road bikes and took Mrs. Bgddy’s gravel bike wheel in to get it trued because I found it to be NASTY when I put new tires on the gravel bikes Friday evening… and came to find out, cracked at several spoke holes.  A new rim was ordered (incidentally, Velocity sells a rim that’ll work perfectly if the shop can’t get a matching rim from Specialized).  

My wife decided I should get a little DIY bug and decided it was time for a modern toilet.  The old one it replaced was, well, it’d seen better days and was going to require an immediate and complete overhaul so we went big on a new one.  An American Standard with all of the bells and whistles, including modern waters-saving features and vastly improved flush technology.  Being an office guy, it’s rare I get into the whole DIY scene, but I always manage to surprise myself… I’m not bad.

Anyway, it dried up at 2-ish and I was tempted to ride.  I should have ridden at four, but everyone was leaving with friends to various evenings out, and I wanted to see them off.  Well, “could ride” turned into, “I’ll get a pizza and watch John Wick 3”.

That’s the first time this year, and I mean this year… 2019, that I could have ridden and chosen not to.  Surprisingly, I didn’t burst into flames or balloon up to 195 pounds in one day.

Turns out we’ll have to shoehorn in a quick ride this morning, though.  My buddy, Mike needs 50 miles to get 1,000 for the month and we’ve only got four hours to do it before the rain shows up again.  Plenty of time, of course.  I’m not even close, but if things work out, 800 shouldn’t be attainable between today and tomorrow.  Good enough for government work.


  1. Nice! John Wick 3 is on my “to-watch” list. I’ve never been super-good at DIY but I’m improving as I take on more tasks!

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