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I Just Can’t Quit You… Trek.

I chose the Trek for a fantastic Monday evening ride with my buddy, Chuck. It could have very well been one of the last shorts and short-sleeved days of the year. Two miles in and I was already smiling…

I built that bike from the ground up, picked every part, with the exception of the chainring bolts, which are original.

Of course, technically the original chainring bolts were a part of the plan, too; this way I could say, “yeah, the only original parts are the frame, the fork, and the chainring bolts.”  You have to admit, it’s got a funny ring to it.

The Trek is nothing like the bike that I brought home in the winter of 2012. It’s sleeker, faster, prettier, and about 2-1/2 pounds lighter (a pound and a half in the wheels, a half-pound in the drivertrain upgrade, a half-pound in the crank and a whopping half-pound in the saddle).

My Trek isn’t “just a bike”.  It’s more personal than that.


Right down to the seat post collar that I specially ordered because I didn’t like the look of natural aluminum against the black frame.

My 5200 frame may be pushing it, as far as years go, but the bike as a whole hasn’t been that spectacular since 1999/2000.  It’s not a modern-day speed demon, but I sure do love riding it.


I just can’t quit you, Trek.  Chuckle.