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I Just Can’t Quit You… Trek.

I chose the Trek for a fantastic Monday evening ride with my buddy, Chuck. It could have very well been one of the last shorts and short-sleeved days of the year. Two miles in and I was already smiling…

I built that bike from the ground up, picked every part, with the exception of the chainring bolts, which are original.

Of course, technically the original chainring bolts were a part of the plan, too; this way I could say, “yeah, the only original parts are the frame, the fork, and the chainring bolts.”  You have to admit, it’s got a funny ring to it.

The Trek is nothing like the bike that I brought home in the winter of 2012. It’s sleeker, faster, prettier, and about 2-1/2 pounds lighter (a pound and a half in the wheels, a half-pound in the drivertrain upgrade, a half-pound in the crank and a whopping half-pound in the saddle).

My Trek isn’t “just a bike”.  It’s more personal than that.


Right down to the seat post collar that I specially ordered because I didn’t like the look of natural aluminum against the black frame.

My 5200 frame may be pushing it, as far as years go, but the bike as a whole hasn’t been that spectacular since 1999/2000.  It’s not a modern-day speed demon, but I sure do love riding it.


I just can’t quit you, Trek.  Chuckle.


  1. unironedman says:

    When’s the film coming out?

  2. I remember the days when Trek was king of the road. Still an awesome bike. I wonder what the bike would look like without the Trek decal?

    • bgddyjim says:

      That’s an interesting question to ponder. I went minimalist, with just the two logos and a “Made in the USA”, sticker on purpose. The old Treks were gaudy with stickers. Without the logo… it would have been like Boston, or The Hamptons… where they don’t have road signs so only the pretentious know where to go. Well, only the pretentious and people with smart phones, nowadays. Which is pretty much everyone.

  3. joliesattic says:

    Another example of boys and their toys. lol

  4. When you’ve built something up with love, the connection runs deep! Keep on rolling on that beauty! 👌

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