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A Chance for 6,000 Outdoor Miles for 2019 (and 7,500 Overall)… And a Better Life

I only need 525 425 (after Monday’s ride) outdoor miles to cross 6,000 for the year, vastly better than I thought I’d be able to do.  I’d have been happy with anything over 5,000…

2019 StatsToOctober

Some of my friends are stuck on the whole “outdoor” vs. “overall” miles difference.  As far as I’m concerned, trainer miles count – if I ride ’em, I count ’em.  Perhaps that’s because I’m a working stiff.  A couple of my, ahem, “retired” friends think that’s “cheating”.  Not “Eddy Merckx”, “Laurent Fignon”, “Tammy Thomas”, “Femke Van den Driessche”, or “Lance Armstrong” cheating, more or less a minor infraction.

Anyway, to keep everything straight, I managed to use different apps to track what happens outdoors separately from my overall mileage.

Whenever I’m outside riding and I save my ride on my Garmin, that kicks the workout to Garmin Connect which distributes the ride data to Strava (for outdoor miles) and Endomondo (for the overall miles) and to Ride With GPS (so I can store any routes I want to keep to follow later,for turn-by-turn).  Better, when I use my Garmin as a timer for my trainer workouts, it sends a blank ride to Garmin Connect, which then sends the timed ride to Endomondo, and Strava.  All I have to do is open the Endomondo workout and enter my miles.  No miles get recorded on Strava, but my overall miles are preserved on Endomondo – I have both.  I have no idea how I made that happen, technically, but I did.

2019 EndoStats

Anyway, Let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this post.  I didn’t know how my cycling life would change when I started my new job after the first of the year.  I knew there was no chance of hitting 10,000 miles again and I was quite okay with that, but I wondered how the new job would impact cycling.  Would I drop to 4,000?  Maybe 5,000 or 6,000 overall miles?  I put those thoughts away after I wrote about them the week I started.  I figured I’d just go at it a day at a time and see where things shook out.  Mileage was impacted, no doubt, but not terribly.  Things turned out much better than I could have planned.

There once was a time I used to let my melon run riot with a lot of doom and gloom bad things that I just knew were going to happen to me – I always felt that the other shoe was about to drop.  I was promised, decades ago now (almost three!), that if I just stayed sober and worked some steps on a daily basis, if I worked for it, my life would get so good that I’d think it couldn’t possibly get any better.  Then, if I kept coming back, six months later I’d realized it had, all by itself.  I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count.

Now, thinking back on that day, I look back and I realized that my life has gotten so good, I enjoy it so much, that I stopped looking at life as though the other shoe was going to drop.  I don’t dwell on the doom and gloom anymore.  I don’t have to, because good things happen to me today.

And I don’t remember when I stopped.  It was a while ago, though.  Years.

Imagine that.  I looked back and realized my life got even better, all by itself.

It happened again.



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