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Reasons Why Riding a Bike is the Remedy: #1

I touched on a family issue in my post yesterday that’s hit us hard. I got home from work yesterday afternoon and readied my gravel bike. Chuck had called earlier to make sure we were indeed grinding gravel…

The weather was perfect for the end of October, a little breezy, but fairly mild in temperature. Bibs, knee warmers and a decent long-sleeved jersey along with full-finger gloves and wool socks were all that was necessary to stay comfortable. Temps were in the upper 50’s (15 C) but falling.

We spent the 45 minutes of the ride into the wind. Chuck let me work through the issue with him – sharing something cuts the weight of the burden, so I’m one who talks through bad stuff. The rest of the ride was spent talking about other, more enjoyable topics. Jerseys, cold weather gear, the joy that is dirt road riding, the lack of traffic on the back roads, and the amazingly better way motorists treat cyclists on the dirt roads (it really is surprising how much better we’re treated on the dirt roads – even by diesel pickup drivers).

I snapped a couple of photos as the sun started heading for the horizon with just three miles left for home.

I pulled into the driveway refreshed and feeling a little more like me.

The number one reason a bike ride is the remedy is that there isn’t much a bike ride won’t make better.