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The Well Executed Cycling Road Trip Part Part 3: Buy a Garmin

Part 1 covered the accommodations.
Part 2 covered the bikes and clothes.

Part 3 is going to cover how to keep from getting your @$$ hopelessly lost.

Buy a Garmin.  An Edge 520 Plus or better.  Learn how to use it. Download the Garmin Connect app.  Download Ride with GPS right to your Garmin.  You’d also do just fine with a Wahoo or Lezyne GPS based computer – whatever floats your boat.


Adventures are great, my friends.  You and the open road, nowhere to be but on the road, pedaling to your heart’s content.  Man, I’m getting fired up just thinking about how much fun I have on road trips.  I have a friend who doubles as our own personal Garmin GPS navigation system, though.  Technically, he’d be a human map I suppose.  When we head to the northern part of the State, he knows all of the good roads to ride and awesome places to see.  Sadly, he won’t be around forever.  Nor will he make every trip in the future, so I’m building a library of rides.  All transferable to my Garmin for turn-by-turn directions.

Not only that, with a free Ride With GPS account, I can download existing routes to my Garmin (or download them to the computer and transfer them to the Garmin).  Not only that, I can search Strava and Endomondo for nearby routes and get them to my Garmin as well.  My friends, there’s something to be said for just following your nose, but I like to have a bailout so I can get home.

The Garmin, as far as I’m concerned, is a must have piece of equipment for a well-executed road trip.  Simple as that.

*I’m sure other GPS computers are fine as well, I simply don’t have any experience with them.  I wrote about what I use.