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Only 25 Miles To Go To 6,000 and a Neat Surprise In the Closing Miles

I’ve only got 25 miles to cross 6,000 outdoor miles for the year, and I should hit that this morning…

It was a cold start yesterday morning. At just 24° (-4 C), but there wasn’t much wind and the sun was out, so at least it wasn’t brutal.

In fact, after a wet couple of weeks, the cold froze the dirt roads so we could skip asphalt.

We rolled out at 8:30 am and hit frozen dirt almost immediately. The ride was advertised as an easy, fun pace and that’s exactly where we kept it. I can’t remember a cold weather ride that was more enjoyable. I was dressed just right, possibly a touch on the warm side, so I was never uncomfortable, and the company was awesome.

Sadly, not long after the 14-mile mark, with the sun warming the air, it also warmed the frozen roads. They started turning to mush just seven miles from home.

It was fantastic being outside, riding with my wife, a friend, and a new friend. I’ve been stuck on the trainer so long, it was fun.

Now for the surprise. About six or seven miles from home, I hear John, a relatively new rider to the group, mention the Affable Hammers to Diane. My wife and I were talking a couple of yards ahead, side by side. The mention of the Hammers got my attention, though. He said something to the effect, there’s a blog out there and the guy writes a lot about the Affable Hammers…

A smile stretched across my face. I turned my head, the smile still across my mug, and said, “That’s me, man”. He said, “That’s so cool, I feel like I know you already”. We talked about blog stuff over the next few miles.

I’ve bumped into people who read my blog, people I never would have expected, about a half-dozen times, and every time it makes me feel good about what I do here. It makes all of the time I put into it worth the effort. Thank you, John. You made my day.

We pulled into the driveway with 27.2 miles which got me to 5,976.1 miles for the year, according to Strava’s total… I should have 6,001 outdoor miles after today’s ride. As for overall miles (indoor and outdoor), I crossed over 7,700 yesterday – I’ll hit 8,000 for the year, easily(!). Too cool.