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How To Rebuild a Road Bike from the Ground Up: Part One. The Overview

This will be a multi-piece series that’ll detail, specifically, how I went about rebuilt my ’99 Trek 5200 which should help anyone who wants to rebuild their own used bike from the ground up.



I’ll cover everything, from wheels to cranks, to seat posts, brakes, saddles, the cockpit, drivetrain, and wheels… even the seat post collar.  I did it all.  The only original things I left on my bike were the frame (though I did have it painted), the fork and the chainring bolts.  Everything else is new.

Now, to start, there are a couple of ways to go about this.  I have a friend who’s got enough money that we mere mortals simply couldn’t keep up.  He goes all out, all at once.  Brand new, top of the line everything (including SRAM Red eTap and usually a set of Zipp wheels, even carbon fiber brake calipers for a steel frame).

I, on the other hand, took six years to build my Trek and bought almost every part on sale… or not, depending on “need”.  Everything that went on the bike is quality, but nowhere near the level he can afford.  In this new series, I’ll stick with what I know.  I’m going to get into how to picked each part, or series of parts, and what went into the choices I made.  I’ll also go in order of importance/completion, so anyone who reads the series will be able to build their dream ride, hopefully with a greater depth of knowledge… and maybe even avoid some costly mistakes.

Part two we’ll start with the choosing bike/frame and push on to the saddle and seat post in part three.  Then we’ll look at the cockpit.  From there, we’ll get into the paint job and accessories. That’ll be followed by the drivetrain and crankset.  Brakes will be thrown in there somewhere toward the end, then I’ll wrap up with wheels.

And unlike my usual “once a week” series release , all of these posts were pre-written.  I’ll be able to publish them one right after the other… so part two comes out tomorrow.