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‘Tis the Season to Get Sober… How to Increase Your Chances of Survival, and Happiness in Recovery

December 2019

Over the next month more people will attempt to sober up than the rest of the year. Usually January 1st and 2nd are our best days. It’s a good time to be in the business of helping people navigate early sobriety, which tends to be brutal for them. It’s our job, those of us who have recovery, to comfort the new people and help them through those first several months. There is no better person for this task, because we do it freely because someone did it for us. It’s a labor of love.

I read a post yesterday, the author of which, whom I’ve followed for some time, questioned why he’d been saved and why so many others aren’t. This is always a tough question for us to grapple with; why us?

The only answer that’s ever given me relief is that I’m good at helping people, and not even in the traditional way. I truly believe that I was spared to do what I’m doing, right this very moment. I believe I was meant to write this blog, it’s as simple as that. My task was first figuring out how I could help, and then to do it.

Sure, I indulge in the cycling a lot, but when I am hit with the inspiration to write a post like this, I don’t pass it up. I don’t fight it, I don’t question it, I just start typing and the words flow as they enter my melon and make my fingertips move.

And invariably, I’ll get a comment from someone saying what I’d written had helped them. I can’t count those who don’t comment, but close their browser a little better for the read. I don’t write for adulation, money, or notoriety.

I write about cycling because I enjoy it, I write about recovery because I’m inspired by my Higher Power. It’s why I was saved from a miserable, depraved existence and I figure it’s best I do what I’m supposed to do and help others, lest God look for someone else who pays attention a little better.

And that brings me to the important point of this post: How to increase your chances of survival in recovery… and your happiness. This is very simple.

Find a way to work with others in recovery. Get out of yourself and your problems and help others with theirs. This works better than anything else I know of to keep me grounded and happy in recovery.


  1. Kecia says:

    “Get out of yourself and your problems and help others with theirs.” This is so true for so many different situations! Great write-up and good food for thought!

  2. Eliza says:

    It gets you out of your own head…
    Interesting you say that about this time of year, interesting I mean how for the Jewish it’ll be a different time of year. Keep inspiring us 🙂

    Love, light and glitter

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    Jim I believe your authenticity, your genuine caring for others is what makes your voice so powerful. Inspire on friend.

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