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Finally, A Ride Outside and Fit Recovery’s Eighth Anniversary


December 2019

Conditions were finally reasonable for a dirt road ride Saturday. It was cold, right at freezing, but some decent winter clothing and a windproof jacket kept the cold at bay. We had a small group of three so the pace was pretty reasonable. We were out for 1h:45m and covered a little more than 27 miles.

I was a little chilly coming home, but it was really great to be outside.

Saturday night was our company end of year celebration, so I didn’t eat much after the ride, knowing I’d likely eat a lot for dinner.

I was not mistaken, dinner was good and was capped off with tres leche cake, a cake saturated with condensed, evaporated and regular milks. Oh. My. God, it was fantastic.

Unfortunately, by the time we got home, I was freezing to the point of shivering uncontrollably. I knew exactly what was happening. Some of our guys had been hammered with a bug of some sort the week earlier. I thought I’d stayed far enough away. I was mistaken.

I tried fall asleep on the couch with four layers of blankets over flannel PJ’s and my bath robe. My fever broke early Sunday morning but I was a wreck. Over the next 36 hours I ate no solid food. I even threw up for the first time since I quit drinking (it’s a thing, I used to throw up due to overindulgence regularly). I’ve been through three bouts of food poisoning and never got sick. I was in bad shape.

The bug broke Monday morning. I was hungry for the first time since Saturday and started with a bit of chicken noodle soup. Not exactly BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast), but close enough for government work.

Enough of that! Speaking of work, I’m back today, thank goodness. It was a rough couple of days.

Finally, for this post, I received notice yesterday that this is the 8th anniversary of my blog. Pretty cool.


  1. Tony says:

    Congrats on your eighth year! Sorry to hear about your ailment. That sort of thing really makes you appreciate wellness doesn’t it? Best holiday wishes to you and yours!

  2. The Omil says:

    Good to shake off the bug quickly. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

  3. jwintx14 says:

    Glad you’ve rebounded! Jim, thank you for everything you share here. Not a post goes unread by me, and I truly appreciate it. Congratulations on 8yrs on the blog, that’s awesome!

  4. sarahdudek80 says:

    So glad you are feeling better. That sounds pretty rough! It has been going around, for sure.

  5. James L says:

    Congratulations, don’t think many have the ability to continue blogging for 8 years. I think I am approaching 5 years soon, though I haven’t been as consistent.

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