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Back in the Saddle Again; Finally Feeling Like Me Again… With One Most Excellent and Welcome Change

I rode my Trek on the trainer last night for the first time since Saturday’s 27-mile dirt road ride on my gravel bike.  That stomach bug, or whatever the heck it was (48 hours of hell?), really took a toll.  I probably could have skipped last night but I was tired of sitting around, so I suited up and rode.  The sweat definitely did me some good, too.  I’ll be indoors tonight and tomorrow, but this weekend is looking spectacular.  Mostly sunny and temps 10° above normal (around 4 C).  I’m looking forward to some time on two wheels this weekend.

After riding and a fast shower, I sat down to dinner with the family.  Wednesday is pizza night.  Now, before my bug, my normal would be four slices of pizza and either water or Gatorade (usually the latter).  Something has changed, though.  Last night, after two and one half slices, I was full.  I couldn’t have shoved another bite in if I’d wanted to… and I didn’t want to.  For lunch yesterday, pad Thai chicken, I can normally polish off a full serving, I ate half and was perfectly satisfied.  I put the rest in the fridge for today or tomorrow.

Friends, I don’t know what happened, but my appetite shrank by half, and I couldn’t be more stoked about it.  Half should be perfect through the winter months.  I lost five pounds being sick, but I only put two more back on (water weight, no doubt)… I managed to keep three of those pounds off… which means I managed to lose five total pounds since the day after Thanksgiving.  I’d made a significant cut in my eating habits before I got sick, but I never expected what happened after – and I’m going to ride that horse as long as I can!

Good news indeed.

12 Photos of Christmas: Day 6


My photo for the sixth day is from a camping road trip with two of my friends.  The first decent “short sleeves and shorts” three-day stretch of the season, we pack up the campers and head up north.  Last year was my second year and it’s quickly become one of my favorite trips.

This year’s trip was excellent because April and May were pretty dismal.  The weather was so bad the trip usually happens at the end of May.  We had to put it off till July.  Still, it was a great time, my friends and I doing some cruising around the Traverse City area.

Being able to take time for a road trip to ride bikes with friends is why I sobered up in the first place.  Without recovery, that photo is impossible.  And for that, I am grateful.