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A Fantastic End to a Great Year for Fit Recovery

So long ’10’s, here come the 20’s!

2019 was a good year for the blog, though my hits were way down. I managed to post almost every day and still ended up with 77,000 hits on the year. I think I wrote some of my best recovery posts this year, and that’s what I am happiest with anyway. I celebrated 27 years in November, and have managed to build a thoroughly enjoyable life with my wife and daughters. Much of the year was spent in gratitude and awe at how good life is.

Cycling was much better than anticipated. After last year’s 10,000 miles, I knew I’d ride less but I still managed 8,184 overall miles, with 6,211 outdoor miles… many more than expected. I’d have been happy with 4,000 outdoor and 5,500 overall as a total as I spent most of the summer working out of town with a 2-hour commute each way.

Life, overall has been good times and noodle salad… As Good As It Gets.

And that’s as it should be in recovery. Bring on 2020!