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Daily Archives: January 2, 2020

Happy New Year! May This Be a No Resolution Year…

I don’t have any resolutions for the new year, though I do have things I want to do.

I will hope (pray, for those of faith) for another year just like last year. I’ll work hard, play harder, and love like I mean it.

What I won’t do is live as if tomorrow were my last day.  I love that saying, in a sarcastic way.  Let me ask you something; if tomorrow really was your last day on the planet, on the right side of the grass, would you go to work?

I have better things to do on my last day than go to work!  I like my job, even love it, and my coworkers are great, but let’s be realistic, here.  No way I’m working if I know tomorrow’s it.

This year I’ll live like I’ve got five decades left.  I’ll make sure my wife knows, every day, that, for me, the sun rises and sets on her.  I’ll make sure my kids know their dad loves them, and I’ll do everything I can to get them ready for the world.  I’ll go meetings, work the steps and the program.  I’ll go to any length to stay sober today, so I can have a happy and prosperous tomorrow, because with out my recovery my chances at a happy life disappear with a little “poof”.  Definitely not a big “poof”.

I’ll ride my bikes, a lot, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face.  I’ll go on road trips with my wife, kids, and friends.

And I’ll take whatever God puts in front of me, usually with a smile on my face, because the whole goal really isn’t doing what I want, it’s doing what God wants me to do.  That’s the reason for the happiness and joy in my life.

It’s not always what seems to be the easy path.  Often, it looks like the harder one to choose; the less fun… until I look back and I realize that was the only way I could have gone to remain content.

Live well, my friends.  Work hard.  Play harder.  Love like you mean it.

And ride a bike, because bikes are cool.