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Daily Archives: January 4, 2020

Home At Last! Starting the New Year Off Right!

I was off on vacation with my wife and kids, down to sunny south Florida where it wasn’t all that sunny, but it was unquestionably warm.  We flew out two days before Christmas, so this will end up being the longest vacation I’ve taken in my professional career.  Sadly, my wife developed a cold/flu/sinus issue that lasted most of the trip, but she was a trooper and made the most of it.  We took a few days to drive home, stopping in Tennessee to stay with my wife’s father and stepmother for a couple of days (and to sample the local barbecue scene – when in Tennessee, it would be a crime to leave without hitting a local barbecue restaurant) before completing the journey home yesterday.  I wasn’t inactive on vacation, I played tennis with my eldest daughter almost every day.  However…

I woke up this morning to set my Trek up on the trainer.

Wheeling my bike out of the bike room was a glorious experience.  After two weeks without a ride, I can’t wait to get on the bike to start getting ready for spring.  I started my half-diet back up last night (half-diet… I eat half  what I used to).  I’ve got two days to enjoy being back at home, so without further typing, I’m going to get to it.

This ass won’t lose itself, and spring is only two short months away!