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Good to Be Back; And Right Back After It…

Yesterday was my first ride after a week and five days of vacation.  While down south with family I didn’t spend one minute on a bicycle.  Speaking with a member of our bike club at the bike shop yesterday, she couldn’t believe we didn’t ride.  For me, this was by design.

I spend a ridiculous amount of time on one of my bicycles in a year.  It’s not for a goal as lofty as being ridiculously fit, or exceptionally fast, as I’m neither.  I’m healthy, pretty fast, and I have a lot of fun riding.  I have this little nagging fear that, if I’m not wise about my riding, that it’ll lose its luster over time.  I’m funny with hobbies that way… let’s just say I have a history.

So, after some rain the night before, and a temp right at freezing, riding outdoors just didn’t seem to be in the cards.  I probably could have, but it wouldn’t have been much fun, so I opted for the trainer… and it was glorious.  The 45 minutes went by as if it was 25.  I was a spinning fool, just happy to be seated atop my Trek again.  My wife and I rode side by side, watching The Bourne Identity (for the umpteenth time – we both love that series).  Today, just an hour and a half after this posts, I’ll be out on the road, heading for dirt.  The temp should be just cold enough to solidify the dirt roads (30° or -1 C) but… well, I just got back from Florida and Tennessee.  30° is gonna suck.  Still, I’ll get around an hour and a half (maybe I’ll stretch it to two if I’m feeling it) outside, and I have a feeling, once I get over the temp change, it’s going to be fantastic to be on a bike, outside.

That’s why I took the vacation off, to be excited to be on the bike again.  It worked.

Now all that remains is to check the damage I did on the scale… It should be worth a laugh, at least.