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Daily Archives: January 6, 2020

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Freezer!

Well, I did go for a lovely ride outside yesterday morning, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the cold.  I was the cycling equivalent of Ralphie’s brother, Randy in a Christmas Story… with the winter onesie.  I was still freezing.

It’s never easy coming back from the mild southern Florida temperatures back to Michigan in the winter.  Those first couple of days are always brutal.  No sunshine, lots of wind and cold, usually some ice…

We rolled out shortly after 8:30 am with the temp just shy of freezing.  Starting out was a little comical as I only had about four square inches of skin exposed to the cold and it was still too much.  I ended up pulling my neck gaiter up over my nose to keep my beak warm (I don’t have to do that till we’re down in the low 20’s!).  Once we got going, though, I was Frankie Fresh Legs – it was glorious.

The ride was also mercifully short, thank goodness.

I wore a smile the rest of the day – it’s good to be back.

Last year’s totals (Outdoor):

223 Active Days
371 Hours
6,218 Miles
120,241 Feet of Climbing
Overall Mileage (Indoor and Outdoor):  8,184