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Why I Keep Coming Back; It’s No Longer About “Not Drinking”. It’s About LIVING.


January 2020

I published a post that I felt good about the other day.  I’d written much of it on vacation and wrapped it up just twenty minutes before I hit the schedule button on the post earlier that morning.

I had one person link to my post who said some of the nicest things about me, I had a tough time accepting it.  She wrote,

I smiled reading it, often wondering if it’s my ego that has me reluctant still, but whatever way you look at it, it’s a beautiful insight into recovery the way it works for him. And when someone talks about recovery in such an inspiring way, that’s the effect it has – here’s me reading it and not particularly being sold 100% on AA, yet finding myself thinking “wow! He’s got it!“…. Besides, the more we know and hear of how others have found their way, the more it shows us how very possible it is that we can too…

Then I had a fella comment who I’ve been working on for a while… he asked how I worked through a problem I ran into working through Steps 4-9.  My response was long, but thorough.  And I think I finally reached him.  I’ve been praying for a way to break through to him for a long while, and it looks like I might have gotten through.

My friends, I keep coming back because I am of use.  If the only thing I do this month is reach one person (or in this case, two) to pass on what others freely passed to me, simply by writing about my own experience, strength and hope… if you think being sober feels good (and it really does), wait till you find out you’re of use to others.

Sobriety brings with it, freedom.  Freedom got me coming back.  Getting sober, finally feeling the freedom of recovery is great.  Making a difference in someone else’s life or recovery… my friends, that’s living right there.  That’s as good as it gets.



  1. Sheree says:

    That’s lovely Jim!

  2. This is so lovely. You are a truly generous person. You’ve come out the other side and are helping others to do the same. Good on you! Katie

  3. Nelson says:

    This brought tears to my eyes, Jim. Especially the part about being free in recovery and being able to help others from within that freedom. And, Im pretty sure your prayer was answered for that guy you’ve been trying to reach. 😉Amazing, the power of compassion and love. Many thanks for being here and sharing your experience, strength and hope. Take good care 🙏💜

  4. annastk76 says:

    You have helped more than you know. I even find cycling vaguely interesting now! 😂❤️

  5. Thecrazylife10 says:


  6. curlymamaof2 says:

    I have to say you’ve done that for me as well. And yes! Being of use is HUGE and the best “high”. ❤️ Thank you for continuing to write about your sobriety. The “down the road” experience is so. dang. encouraging. You have written about arrogance and not getting too cocky around alcohol and I cannot tell you how helpful that was.

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