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Addiction Recovery Based on the Power of… Music? Sadly, I’m Not Kidding.

In researching a treatment center for someone close to my heart, I happened on a treatment center, recommended by the person’s attorney, that specializes in recovery “based on the power of music”.

Now, I’m going to be very blunt here, because for those of us saddled with alcoholism and drug addiction, this shit is life and death, literally and sadly, this is just a sampling of the BS that’s out there that touts itself as “recovery”.

Friends, again, addiction is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with rationally and with great depth.  While I will absolutely give you, there is a certain jump in mood when I listen to music, I don’t want my sanity, freedom and health to hinge on Recovery by Metallica.

That’s just not good enough.  Imagine something along the same lines, Movie based recovery…  and that should be enough to show a sane person exactly how nuts “music” based recovery would be.  Music is a one-trick pony in terms of recovery and my addiction is a whole lot more pernicious than a one-trick pony.  After reading through as much of the website as I could take (a little less than an hour), other than having a “professional” make a playlist for you, I couldn’t tell what they actually do to help people recover!  Now perhaps they get into greater depth in their in-patient setting, but you’d never know based on what’s on their website.

Fortunately for my friend, he and his wife had someone with enough sobriety to choke a drunk (figuratively, dear) to recommend something… uh… with a bit more of a foundation.

As we in recovery like to say, our disease is sitting in a cage at the back of our mind doing push-ups.  The door isn’t locked.  I fully embrace the fact that there are many ways to recover from addiction and have a productive life.  You have to ask yourself this, though:  Do you want to trust your life, sanity, and recovery to a Taylor Swift tune?

If you answered yes, good luck with that.  I’ll be here when you come back from your next relapse.  Look me up and we can talk about what’s next.