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Said Every Alcoholics Anonymous Noob Evah!

Mrs. Bgddy showed this to me last night… I LMFAO… OL!

Bitch, you better reshuffle… holy $#!+ that’s the best line ever.  The funniest thing is, we all know that person.

Irony.  It ain’t just a mineral in the mountains of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Indoor Winter Cycling Training; Build Strength in the Winter While You’re On the Hamster Wheel of Doom…

It used to be I’d use the winter to keep my legs moving.  I rode my Trek on a trainer all winter long, four or five days a week and all was well.  I’d take it easy, as most do, and just put in my time to keep some of my legs for spring.

I’d lose a bit of my power over the cold months, but I could build it back come springtime.  Especially with hill sprints.

Spring was a lot of work, though, once I started riding with friends regularly.  Getting in shape for Tuesday night took a lot of want to and it seemed I’d struggle playing catch up with my friends.  It got to a point I started to dread spring… a time when we should be happy we’re finally outside again.  That was the impetus for changing how I structured my workouts leading up to springtime.

The next winter, I still took it easy from November until December 31st, but come January 1st, I put the hammer down on my training.  The thinking went like this: why wait til spring when I could constructively use my winter training to build strength, then spring wouldn’t be so bad.  It’s not like I had anything better to do.

I began using my harder gears on the trainer.  I maxed out the resistance on my Giant Cyclotron and only used my last three gears.  I had to build up to the 52/11, too.  I’d start using 52/14 and 52/13.  A month in, I’d start using the 52/12.  A couple of weeks later, the 52/11.  By the time we rolled our bikes outside my hard days in the saddle were spent entirely in my hardest gear, on the hardest resistance setting.

That spring was fantastic.  My friends spent their spring catching up to me.

I used that training system for the last three-ish years and I love it.  It’s not perfect, of course, getting worked up to hammer out 45 minutes on the trainer takes some doing, but the benefit is huge.

This year I upgraded my trainer to a Cyclops Magneto trainer and that’s allowed me to work even harder.  I’m already progressing to two hard days in a row (though I sure am feeling it as I’m writing this!) and I’m pushing a gear I don’t know I could have at the end of last year.

My Cyclops dumb trainer may be dumb, but it packs a pretty sizable wallop in terms of resistance.  The benefits of getting the hard training done before spring rolls around are numerous.

  1. First, with the rise of Zwift, training has become a lot more enjoyable… all of the big hitters are hammering all winter-long now.  If I rest on last year’s laurels, springtime is even more brutal than it used to be.
  2. Next, I don’t have to worry about traffic, balance, stopping, or… anything.  I can just hammer.
  3. Spring is a lot more enjoyable when I am at least equal or close to my friends who have been putting the hard miles in all winter long.  It’s even better if I can be a little ahead.
  4. Winter is a great time to improve one’s power to the pedals.  Think about it, why wait till spring when you’re just putting grind time in anyway?  Why not use the time to do some good rather than just spin?  Winter, when everyone else is complaining about having to ride the trainer, is perfect for getting stronger.

Good times are only a couple of months off.  I’ve found it’s better to be ready for them than dangling at the back with my tongue precariously close to my spokes.