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Santini Pro Replica Jersey Review

I picked up my first piece of Santini kit because a blog that I follow wrongly suggested that Santini’s pro sleeveless cycling jerseys were all kinds of fantastic. Santini kit does look great and I’ve heard nothing but good about them, but sleeveless and pro in the same post? That just didn’t seem… right.

And that would be because Santini doesn’t make a sleeveless cycling jersey, let alone a pro sleeveless cycling jersey.

Santini does make running singlets and triathlon tops, but their cycling section is dedicated solely to sleeved jerseys. Even their women’s jerseys all have sleeves, too (though they do make a tank).

Anyway, while I was there, I remembered Santini is a sponsor of Trek Segafredo… and my Trek just happens to be black and red, so I figured while I was there, I’d check on the kit. They were selling a smashing cap for $15. I clicked it into my shopping cart immediately.

Now, it just so happened, when I was navigating through the teams I spotted Ducati Corse…. now that’s a jersey, right there! It was glorious.

$105… I didn’t even blink. Clicked it into my shopping cart and checked out. Friends, that’s a f***in’ sharp jersey right there (I got a nice Christmas bonus this year so I spent some of it).

Well, my small haul showed up yesterday after 11 days.

The cap, cotton, is fantastic. It’ll become one of my favorites.

And the jersey… now, the jersey is sexy.


You know when you’ve got a high quality piece of kit in your hands, and this is that (though what is it with Italians and skinny arms?!). When you’ve got a quality piece if kit, even your winter pot roast and potato body looks good with it on.

I ordered a large, figuring Italian sizing would run a little smaller than we’re used to in the USA, and I was right. The fit is perfect, and surprisingly very close to “true to size” if a little tight in the arms.

ducati-corse-2019-replica-jersey (2)1226542528341076447..jpg

Finally, I want to delve into the rule pertaining to “Pro Kit”.  Technically, according to “the rules”, one isn’t supposed to purchase pro kit unless it’s “old school” pro kit, at which point, it becomes cool again.  Five or ten years ago, the rule had some bite to it.  Nowadays, it’s finally become fashionable to support to your favorite teams – a lot like they do with football, the other football, baseball, or hockey.  I am embracing the idea that this should be allowed as it is in the other sports… especially due to the fact that we cycling fans can actually wear said team-supporting kit whilst actually participating in the sport the kit was meant for.  In this case of “The Rules”, I think it might be time to retire the “No Pro Kit” rule.  It just doesn’t make sense anymore.  It may have at one point, but give it a rest already.

Just a thought.  Ride hard, my friends.  Santini’s kit is good stuff.  My new Ducate Corse jersey will find a regular place in my summer rotation (and the Trek Segafredo cap will be a regular when I’m on my Trek).