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What Every Little Socialist Needs to Understand and Why Bernie Really Does Want the US to Be Venezuela, Proven by Elizabeth Warren

January 2020

Trigger (heh) warning: This post is political in nature. This will likely get me landed into one of the Bernie Bro gulags, but I’m willing to risk it. You don’t have to read this post if you don’t want. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

Socialist elites fancy themselves as intelligent. They bang on the table, complaining “capitalism, capitalism, capitalism”, and it all sounds so lovely when packaged with free stuff.

In the next five minutes I’ll show you where the rubber meets the road and explain very simply why socialism is stupid. Always. Every time. Stop it. Every time.

First, Elizabeth Warren just doomed her run for president when she was faced by a father who saved up for his kids to go to college. He footed the bill, while his buddy bought a nicer car, went on vacations, and made the kids get loans to pay for their school. Now Warren (and, for that matter, Bernie) claims she wants the government to forgive student loan debt. In doing so, she would be penalizing those who did the noble thing and sacrificed so they could pay their kids’ way through school. Better, her plan hammers those who worked to pay for their own school. Meanwhile, those who frittered their money away are going to get, what, a $100,000-ish bonus from the government? Where can I sign up for that?! My kids are just about to head off to college!

On one hand, it can be said the economy was helped by the fella who blew his money on a car and vacations and took out a loan for school. On the other, by paying off that debt, with more debt, you’re reinforcing bad behavior in the family that squanders their money, and with the new influx of government cash debt, college tuition goes through the roof because universities can get the money. This governmental two-step tit for tat completely cancels out any good the bad behavior does for the economy. And that’s why socialism sounds great but always crashes and burns. Always, every time. Socialism subsidizes bad behavior. The rule, tax what you don’t want, subsidize what you do, twas ever thus.

See, the ugly truth is, capitalism is the only thing that generates enough money to make socialism seem plausible (see also, John Maynard Keynes, the smart dumbass who made socialism seem plausible on paper and won a Nobel Peace Prize for the effort – the irony is amazing, ask Venezuelans how peaceful life is in Venezuela. Last I saw, the government was running protesters down). The real issue here is balancing in enough capitalism that socialism still lets it survive. See France.

Unfortunately, because socialism drags capitalism down, politicians who lack even a modicum of self-control and a rudimentary understanding of how stuff works, continually push for more free shit (socialism) to get elected. Eventually that unbalances the capitalism end and things go bad, causing the “state” to take over more industries to keep them running at a loss so people can have toilet paper. Eventually, “you run out of other peoples’ money” and socialism (more to the point, the bad behavior that socialism subsidizes) collapses the system.

Friends, it’s as simple as that. People will say true socialism has never had its day in the sun, it’s never been fully implemented. To believe this is ignorant, bordering on stupid. Paul Krugman, call the office. Venezuela was socialism. That is its day in the sun. The more socialism, the “state” taking over the means of production, is implemented, the less capitalism can breathe, the worse the economy does. It’s that simple.

It’s like saying President Obama performed the set up for President Trump’s economy… The only truth in that notion is Obama kept his foot on the neck of the economy so long, when Trump finally let the boot up and the blood started flowing to the brain again… well, the results are what they are. Awesome. Obama’s economy was disastrous because it was too much OAC. Trump is more the right balance, and why he deserves to be reelected come November.

Saying Obama did anything good for the economy by “managing the decline” is like saying he tried to open a jar for eight years. Along comes Trump and pops that sucker open with one deft move. Obama chimes in, “Yeah, but I loosened it for you!”


Capitalism is not perfect. It just beats the alternative. Every time.


  1. OmniRunner says:

    As a guy who saved for his kids education and understands the poison of debt, I agree with you on that point.
    Socialism is a big part of Venezuela’s problem, but the dictatorship is another big part of their problem. Chavez thought he knew better than anyone else and as an autocrat he always got his way.
    Checks and balances is the strength of democracy.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Andy, socialism is the entirety of Venezuela’s problem. The deeper they sank into it, the worse life got. Chavez only went so far, and life in Venezuela wasn’t all bad while he was alive. Just ask Sean Penn. Maduro jumped the shark and kept the pedal down, though.

      That penchant for thinking he knew better is a phenomenon shared by the vast majority of politicians the world over. I find them all necessary but evil. It is, after all, the second oldest profession in the world.

  2. joliesattic says:

    Okay. Politics. One of my least favorite subjects, for the acrid taste it wells in my innards.

    “Free” stuff kills the will of the people. It kills their drive to work, to succeed, to grow. Those who receive, cease to work, those who work feel defeated, it kills productivity. Free isn’t free, someone, somewhere is paying for it. “Free” stuff enslaves people. They become dependent on those in power. As you well stated, eventually money will run out. That’s what the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire is all about. The fewer people that work, the more they will be taxed. The more businesses are taxed, the more they will feel compelled to gouge the public. It’s a vicious cycle.
    It kills free will.

  3. capejohn says:

    I’m not a fan of full socialism. That rules out Bernie and Warren. I’m also not a fan of Corruption and that rules out Trump.

    • bgddyjim says:

      So you agree, then, that Paul Ryan should have been the president?

    • bgddyjim says:

      My point, of course, being that Trump isn’t corrupt by any standards that wouldn’t have entirely doomed President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden – Trump is a piker next to them. Obama’s impeached for quid pro Putin, Joe’s impeached for quid pro Joe (Ukraine, again)… Paul Ryan is President.

  4. biking2work says:

    Actually Jim, Socialism had it’s day in 1930s NZ recovering from a capitalism collapse-the Wall Street crash. Similar to what FDR did in the US. Would’ve been interesting to see what would’ve happened but then another bunch of Socialists (the National Socialists) ruined it by starting a world war

    • bgddyjim says:

      Yeah. Not really. Sounds lovely, but that’s not how it went. Wall Street crashes every ten years or so, usually because of wild speculation. A normally functioning economy can weather such crashes. When, however, you add in the “wild speculation” built on an economy that’s a house of cards anyway, well there you go. See also, the great recession of 2001, 2003, and 2008. And also the weak recovery from it, followed by the boom.

      Socialism may creep here and there in the US, but… well, just watch what happens with Bernie. And pass the popcorn.

  5. ragnarsbhut says:

    How is all of this supposedly free stuff going to be paid for? Democrats must know how full of bullshit they are, that their ideas are financially unsustainable.

  6. ragnarsbhut says:

    bgddyjim, why does this not surprise me?

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