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The Must-have Travel Mug for EVERY Coffee Aficionado…

Friends, when you quit drinking alcohol, you start drinking coffee – it’s a rite of passage in recovery.  The first year, because you’re poor as hell, you’ll drink instant and be happy with it.  Then you graduate to the electric drip coffee brewer, maybe even a cone filter between three and five years.  From five years to a decade, you mess with electric perk and go back and forth between the metal cone drip brewer because perk is definitely superior but it takes a long damn time to brew a cup!  After a decade, though, when you’ve finally got some money and life is good, you go looking for the best cup of coffee you can find, because you just want the good stuff – and you can afford it.

It’s at that time you graduate to the French press, because dammit, it’s worth it.  Add the an electric kettle (expensive, but worth it), and you cut your water heat time to a fraction.  French press coffee is actually faster than automatic drip at that point (unless you’re using a Bunn brewer – they’re expensive, but blisteringly fast).  After that, you graduate to grinding your own because “it’s just fresher that way, and I want my coffee as fresh as possible”.  Next, you contemplate carrying your own coffee and grinder in a fanny pack – and that’s exactly where you need to dial it back a notch, you grandiose boob!  That’s just a little too far, bro.

This same progression also goes for the cyclist or runner – the coffee stop at a coffee house mid-to-last-quarter-of-the-ride for “cake” and a cup is simply “how you do it”… and the more pretentious the café, the better!

[insert ostentatious bike p*rn here]

My sister-in-law, being the saint she is, is a coffee aficionado’s coffee aficionado.  If she were a writer, she could write the book.  Her blessed heart found it in itself to have a package delivered to our house; two travel coffee mugs and a bag of gourmet chocolate flavored coffee (my lovely better half is a mocha fiend).  As I studied mine over, I thought it might be a bit gimmicky – it was a very tall, awkward looking mug.

After my first and second uses, that’d be gimmicky in a mountain bike’s suspension fork or maybe a disc brake, or integrated brake lever/shifter kinda way… possibly even clipless pedals; in other words, it’s not a gimmick at all, it’s one of the best innovations to hit coffee.  Ever.

Stainless steel construction, and grommeted screw-on caps, definitely excellent quality.  Finally!  I own a really nice travel mug that I’ll protect from my young one’s clutches with my life.  Those little f***ers don’t want test me to find out how serious I am about this.  To quote a once famous comedian whose name now rivals Voldemort, “I brought you into this world, I’ll take you out… and make another one just like you!”  It was only when I started studying the box did I fully understand what I had in my hands…

My friends, I present you…


The single-serve French press travel mug.

Good God in Heaven, for a coffee lover, I shit you not, it just doesn’t get any better.  It makes fantastic coffee in minutes – in fact, because you’re heating up such a small amount of water, the steeping process takes longer than heating the water (we use an electric kettle).  Our kettle will heat a mug’s worth of water to that magic, “just before boiling point”, in a minute.

Coffee or tea, the French press travel mug is the best. non-essential. coffee aficionado. thing. ever.  My sister-in-law sent us the Cafilas brand and it’s an exceptional, high-quality construction model, but without the “hyper-douche” price tag (see Yeti).