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Only Drug Addicts Have a Stigma Equal That of Vegans… And The BBC Entirely Misses the Simple Gist of Why That Is.


February 2020

An article written for the BBC claims:

People love to moan that vegans are annoying: research has shown that only drug addicts inspire the same degree of loathing. Now psychologists are starting to understand why – and it’s becoming clear that the reasons aren’t entirely rational.

And that’s just the headline! The best part is, and you won’t find this in their article, that loathing is entirely rational, as I’m about to demonstrate.

So why do normal, rational people have a disdain for vegans equal to that of people who cheat, steal, and lie to remain the dregs of society? Well, don’t bother clicking on the link to the BBC article to learn something useful, you won’t. Truthfully, I’m surprised vegans don’t inspire more loathing than addicts and alcoholics do… that would be entirely rational, too.  At least in an addict, being a scourge is a part of a disease…

To understand this, because I happen to be one who holds a special disdain for pretentious vegans whilst not losing my $#!+ about it, I’ll be able to let you in on the secret the BBC wasn’t able to discover.  Now, as a disclaimer, I know there are quite a few upstanding vegans/vegetarians who read my blog regularly – you are not of the pretentious variety and should not take this post to be directed at you – it most certainly is not.  For the aforementioned secret, we need only look at a typical vegan’s actions from the perspective of looking at the actions of a newly recovering addict or alcoholic.

Imagine an addict who found, miraculously, recovery. They found the answer to their unique dilemma and completely changed their ways.  By unique, to use alcoholics as an example, only 10% of the drinking population end up an alcoholic. 90% of drinkers have no problem whatsoever…  They then, in their exuberance, decide to push others to work their recovery program, not just to help other addicts, but normal people as well.  Not to present an environment in which those others can understand what it’s like for we addicts and alcoholics to recover from our addiction(s), but to actually push normal folks to accept and work a recovery program in their lives because the addict/alcoholic thinks it would be good for others to live the way they do because, in the estimation of that addict/alcoholic, normal people just aren’t living up to the addict’s standards – they’re not living right.

Then, and this is the fun part, for those who resisted (as any normal person should), the nutters break into their homes, steal and/or break their stuff, disrupt their family lives and way of life with the hope the normal folk would cave and follow their way of life… This is what vegans do and why normal, polite society has a disdain for them.  As for the normal vegetarians, they get the short end of the stick due to a bit of guilt by association.  The nutter vegans are so loud and horrible, as soon as you hear “I’m a vegetarian”, it triggers instant daymares of the “allow me to tell you why you’re living wrong, you animal murdering bastard” conversation to follow.  We, as they say, simply turn and run for the hills.

That’s the level of pretentiousness exuded by vegans. That’s why vegans are despised. It’s not just that they are just pretentious, obnoxious, hateful people. It’s that they demand others share their idiosyncrasies and wildly misplaced and supercharged guilt. They’re typically ignorant as hell, while maintaining that pretentiousness, and won’t rest until others follow their chosen way of life no matter how wrong it is – and that’s maddening to normal folk who want to have peace and eat their bacon, too.

Take, for instance, a recent example in which two vegans broke into a farm in Italy to “save” some rabbits. They liberated 16 bunnies but failed to understand that those bunnies were mothers. Liberating the mother bunnies caused the death of more than 90 little, innocent, baby bunny rabbits and reports say they killed another five trying to liberate the 16.  Point is, that woman and her team should be charged with breaking and entering, theft, then as a terrorist (same with eco-terrorists).

As for the ignorance, we only need know that vegan diets are typically woefully deficient in many nutrients that cause various illnesses unless synthetic, man-made, hyper-super-duper-processed supplements are taken to maintain some semblance of health.  Here’s a news flash – eating a balanced diet is actually quite simple, until you try to eat vegan.  At that point, you have to micromanage your diet to get the nutrition right.  It’s not supposed to be that way, folks.  Even then, science is beginning to show that people who rely on those supplements are at greater risk of developing certain cancers and illnesses.  Sure, vegans claim to feel healthy for a time, but eventually malnutrition catches up and they run into health problems.  Hair thins over time and starts to fall out, and eventually they become sickly.  Generally speaking, that’s a lack of iron, iodine and Vitamin D, and a few others, dears, and guess where you get iron, iodine and Vitamin D.

The BBC claims loathing vegans isn’t entirely rational? Bullshit. It’s perfectly rational. I’d go as far as logical, and trying to ignore the reasons behind this reasonable loathing, blaming it on something else, only helps to keep the perpetrators ignorant as hell.

If I described you, if you’re a vegan who would break into someone’s home, farm or place of business to stop someone else from eating a healthy diet you happen to disagree with, stop it.  You’re a terrorist and an idiot.  If I didn’t describe you, this wasn’t about you in the first place, and I’m glad you’re a normal functioning part of society along with the vast majority of everyone else.  If you got a chuckle, well, for that I am grateful.  I’ve done my job.


  1. unironedman says:

    To be honest, I think a lot of this ‘outrage’ is faux angst cooked up by the media for clicks. I mean, much of what you say is about right, and we all love a good gag about vegans. But in my own (perhaps small) world, I don’t have those arguments with vegans coz, well, I guess I just don’t know any, or the ones that I do are perfectly reasonable about their diet. So articles like that from the BBC… meh (I got that one from my son)… I just ignore them really.

    Good point about the contrast between drinking and veganism, and the attitudes of those on the righteuous path. That does make a lot of sense. I suppose it’s just easier to pick on vegans as a soft target.

    And you know vegans are odd; they make vegetarians look perfectly normal! 😉

    • bgddyjim says:

      I live just 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan… Our vegan culture here is VERY loud. I can’t even remember how I happened on the BBC article in the first place – I think it ended up in my Google news feed. Anyway, I found the article’s lack of candor interesting, so I figured I’d fill in the blanks for them.

      • unironedman says:

        I guess you probably have vegan overload there more so than we have here. If you try and take a bacon buttie off an Irishman, he’ll resort to physical violence very quickly! I mean, I know I would! As for the article… I am going to take your word for it, coz life’s too short to read pieces on veganism. Though generally the Beeb stuff is pretty okay.

      • bgddyjim says:

        Life is too short. I need to remember that!

  2. Sheree says:

    I’ll be honest, I did have a chuckle.

  3. joliesattic says:

    Our vegans are too! What irritated me was how my grandson, who smoked weed and did all kinds of other horrible things touted veganism. He looked horrible and when he finally gave up on that fad, gorged on everything, got fat and looked just as sickly.

  4. capejohn says:

    Cultism is a symptom of the bullying tactic of indoctrination. While reading this I was not only nodding my head in agreement of some of the writing, but I was also substituting religion for the word vegan and continued to nod my head in agreement. People sometimes follow ideals that are just silly until they start testifying and pushing their agendas. Then they become dangerous for lots of reasons.

  5. Rescue Rhonda says:

    The difference between addicts and ethical vegans is vegans are trying to raise awareness regarding animal abuse. If you are not vegan, you are by proxy an animal abuser. One meal that you’ve forgotten 15 minutes later cost an animal their entire life. The difference is there are victims in every meal non-vegans eat.

    • bgddyjim says:

      As there are victims in every meal vegans eat. Proper nutrition is virtually impossible without ultra-processed supplements with a vegan diet. “Ethical” vegan is a stretch as well. By a long shot.

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